I’ve written this testimonial about the Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake in the hope that others will feel connected and willing to give it a go. For me it is such a special practice and has been so instrumental in helping me grow. I know everyone has different particular experiences when practising this technique, as all our needs and strengths are different, yet I share mine in the hope that we can connect by a need we all have: to awaken to who we truly are.

The first time I practiced the Eight Gates of Dreaming awake my body went into the most blissful state of relaxation. Years of stress and strain dissolved and I felt like a child. I laid for hours just feeling, and this made me realise how much my body was suffering from the onslaught of my unruly mind. The stress created by the disconnection to the intuitive parts of me was taking an incredible toll and I was not prepared to let this continue.

And so the Eight Gates opened a door to a real awareness of my needs, the needs of the part of me that had been entrapped in the socialised nightmare we call reality. Through practice I am learning to disentangle myself from this craziness, because it is, that was making me behave in a way that diminished the better parts of me as I felt in a continuous state of war with people and the world around me. As my awareness grows through this practice I am able to appreciate the true circumstances of our predicament because it propels me to work through the predicament myself. And so my heart opens to others, as it is a war now tempered with understanding rather than judgement and a love for the possibilities inherit in everyone of us. That is the magic of this practice: you get to know the you that is full of possibilities as the awareness and ability to act past our limitations gain power.

The Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake are gates, gates to a freedom and awareness that is ours to reclaim.

Nagual, this is my thank you for this beautiful gift.



Photo courtesy of Zenonline

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