Here is an email that was received from one of Lujan’s students, Luma.

She has given permission for us to post it here on the blog.

Dear Lujan,

I am writing as I feel a need to crack open my impulse to be secretive and fully acknowledge the reality that exists within and without, everywhere and nowhere that is now called for. It just is and I gotta get used to it : ))

During the 8 gates Malayian took me to this place where everything glowed in the blue spectrum light. We were in front of a stream and opposite was a large cave with a black chinese gate. He told me it was the Dragon’s gate, also known as the Shadow’s gate. So we went in and there was this huge black dragon who very sharply rebuked my acknowledgement of it’s beauty. When he spoke my name, Luma Chichiwa, it rang all over my body like a bell. He examined my hands that now bear the torus symbol. He then asked me what I want “What do you want?” The words echoed through me and I looked deeply into my heart and I saw the Earth and all beings upon it and my love flowed to them, and I told him that more than anything else I wanted them all to know a life free of shadows.

He took me into the void and showed me my future, the Heart Warrior’s Path. He said this world would never be fully free of shadows “it is through struggle one builds strength”.

What an amazing creature that dragon spirit, his complete unflinching directness made me look into my heart and find, or choose, my life’s purpose though it seemed like I had a choice to leave for the stars as I was tempted to ask at first. He called me other names like star child, and in this experience I felt so much younger than now.

This wonder-full journey continues…

Lots of love,


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