I sat on the sofa and in front of me was a wooden table, about 3.5 meters of distance and the Nagual Lujan was showing to me magnificent movements.

His movements were very harmonious, transmitting peace and fluidity to the environment. He was really playing with the energy and then after sometime I could see from him something else appearing between his body and his arms, his silhouette started to flow from him with the same shape as him as it was filled with a translucent, soft and faint gold color; the shape of the same size of Lujan was coming out from him and comes toward me, as it was proportionally descending in shape and floating getting close to me until reach the wooden table in front and then it was fading.

Continues watching the harmonious movements from Lujan, still I could see the fluid shape between his arms and his body and given me the sensation of the fluidity of the energy that he was transmitting.

Before he finishes these powerful movements, my eyes were intercepted and quickly I saw the Nagual Lujan twice together doing the same movements, it could be my eyes was crossed or something else, I don’t know, I was rapt in his movements.

I could see he attempted to finish the movements, by again he resume them for a little more time.

So when he finished I felt the sensation of the environment was full of peaceful energy, and I also felt that something else was there given a comfortable sensation.

When we stop the wrong things we are doing and we are still, the nature of our being is open.