Question from Sugrue from Parallel Perception Forum:
When you mention that chakras are relocated, does that mean they are relocated within the luminous body, say closer to the physical body, but still within their “correct” locations?  It does not mean they shift positions, say the crown to the throat, for instance, correct?    In other words, when listening to this kind of music, the moving and relocating of the chakras is a positive, a productive kind of thing? 

Beyond the seven internal chakras there are external luminous spheres, which are interconnected like the workings of the meridian system of the human body. In the seven main chakra system there are three primary internal vortexes that are called dan tiens.

The lower dan tien, the jing center, is the largest. The central dan tien, which is the heart container, is slightly smaller, which progressively moves to the third eye matrix, which is the size of a golf ball.

Depending on the power of an individual this chakra can be felt externally, mirroring this chakra as if looking at each like a reflection. This mirroring factor can be duplicated by putting one mirror in front of another and a person standing in the middle will see many dimensions, traveling infinitely in terms of the distance perceived visually.

Once you conceive of this, imagine the mirrors, hundreds of them, focusing inwardly at each other, causing this effect. This is the third eye process, only from one perspective.

Imagine the intertwining of billions of people, interacting when this center is open. It is interdimensional.

Nevertheless, there are fluffy energetic units that are spherical that are outside of the body that contain electromagnetic fields that vary within their density. The ones that belong to the jing center, the lower regions of the body, are heavier and dense.

The chi centers, which reside in the middle, are lighter but can be influenced by the absorption of the jing mixed with the chi. And then the jing and the chi are mixed with the lighter center of the shen and given gravity by virtue of the fact that each have combined harmoniously with the elements of the other.

The Dragon’s Tears, the Quetzalcoatl, the Jaguar, the Three Treasures and the Small Mountain combine and infuse the external energy centers with much needed alchemy to electrify the human potential on a biorhythmical level. When it resonance becomes electromagnetically denser the full potential of the individual is realized.

To answer your question Sugrue, the rhythms that transharmonics deliver to the external chakras is like threads being thrown in particular patterns to affect the harmonic resonance that corresponds to the information delivered from a vibratory perspective. This aspect creates a holographic connective effect that influences consciousness internally and externally within the vibratory essence of the bio-organic field that is our attention as holographic units of information.