When an appropriate individual arrives information is released. We have implanted within us predetermined, identifiable sites that become recognizable when they come to the surface through simultaneous enhancement. This is how a teacher recognizes an initiate.

The way we break the confines of the living construct is by beginning to identify with something outside of our cognitive system through accessing a dream stalker’s implanted information. The only choice we have is to act with integrity. One can only acquiesce. If anything else is added awareness is knocked out of the sphere where spirit resides.

Only power can be added, not a flavour, tone or mood – anything else will distort. This is how spirit is drawn into the resonating field of man’s consciousness.

Knowing the spirit is identifying the reflection of yourself within the ether. The key to this is to be absolutely congruent within.

Congruency is the trick. Without consistency spirit will not be accessible, for energy will be bypassed into the social mask.

We are surrounded by the insoluble at every moment and that eternal presence contains the spirit, which will knock on the inwardly stationed door of the warrior’s heart and shine a light on how to proceed. If you act with integrity and save as much energy as you can by not investing in unnecessary or detrimental behaviours, then the spirit will open that door and this is the nagual.

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