Since the year 2000 I have been experiencing increased influx of spherical beings influencing the matrices of our three-dimensional construct. This phenomena strongly began to affect me as a nagual many years ago when I was first writing the book The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception: The Living Tapestry of Lujan Matus.

What I was experiencing were spherical orbs of many different colors bombarding my body consciousness. They would appear speeding through the walls and entering my body relentlessly, delivering information.

Many people now around the world are experiencing this phenomena, especially my students that practice Dragon’s Tears. As you will read in this thread in the Parallel Perception Forum, I have noticed while I am teaching that indigo orbs the size of golf balls would appear around my shoulders, and peripherally around the body of my students.

This strongly indicates a shift into a fourth-dimensional matrix that will be three-dimensionally accommodated as this transitional phase increases. The inter-dimensional aspect of the third eye will be awakened.

As our consciousness increases, it is vitally important to strengthen a web-like aspect of our luminosity that sits within the human body that correspondingly reaches out inter-dimensionally interconnecting all aspects of the matrix simultaneously that will be our new forum of connectivity that our attention will function from.

The old nagual Lujan gave me a form to release in the time that these orbs would become more available. It is called “The Three Treasures“.

This movement series will strengthen our bodies abilities to cope with the new influx of information that is beginning to occur more rapidly. This series utilizes the figure eight that is demonstrated in the Dragon’s Tears and transforms it into the movements of free-flowing butterflies – traditionally known as the “whispering of the dragon” –  that are then compressed into the energy field to cause the necessary transformation needed.