There are two main practices that I learnt from the old nagual.

One is ‘Dragon’s Tears‘. This is a set of movements or exercises that are done in the morning in conjunction with ‘Thunder Dance’.

‘Dragon’s Tears’ awakens all of the centers, from the sexual center up, right to the crown. These are not the only primary centers in the body.

There is a center at the midsection of the bottom of the foot, same position as the stigmata. From this point beneath there is a corresponding point above on both feet that uphold the energy of man, not only energetically, but in terms of posture.

There is a center behind the knees that balances fluids and gives one a sense of direction, or directness.

There are points in the center of the palms of the hands in the position of the stigmata. This is an entry point as well as an exit point. It is where one can generate energy to flow from either perspective; to heal or to collect external electromagnetic energy.

The points in the feet are activated through the ‘Thunder Dance’. They are directly related to the heart, even though they are points in acupuncture that relate to the kidneys, where inspiration gives rise to insight via this energy. From there the possibilities are endless.

All the chakras or axis points generate power to activate the smaller points that within themselves are connected externally to a greater whole or grid outside of the perception of the daily world or the living construct. This inwardly stationed grid, which is our energy field, flows accordingly in terms of being connected to the external grid that is accessed via the medium of seeing through firstly becoming actively aware of the first grid’s functionality within the waking world.

The second grid, by virtue of it’s seeming separation from the first, by virtue of not being viewed by the witness, is connected to the third grid that is composed of randomly opportunistic filaments of light that correspond to the desire of the collective that are connected to the first grid or basic energy fields that reside within the body.

The reason why I call them grids is because when they are seen they appear to be so. Not separated but layered through an endless labyrinth of possibilities that only can be fathomed once one has come to terms with all the items that exist within the living construct; the first reality we become aware of once we have forgotten the second and the third within the traversing of this tangible construct within its solidity.

‘Dragon’s Tears’ is a series of exercises that awaken the power of the second grid or layer of energy fields and gives rise to the feeling of that electromagnetic energy without the practitioner being capable of seeing what is occurring.

To know one must become familiar, and the familiarity with this electromagnetic energy in all its variance is felt when one’s attention traverses the full implications of that which presents itself in comparison to the awareness that is available to that particular practitioner on their journey.

And this is one of the reasons it is so important to travel together. Sharing and upon that sharing transferring therefore stimulating corresponding insights within another to go beyond the present threshold through simultaneous enhancement.

We are all scouts.