During my journey it has quite often been difficult to send my appreciation across the planet to my friends that help me out thousands of miles away. So over the years I realized I developed a technique of appreciation so I thought I would share it with everybody.

I was talking to Naomi Jean on Skype two days ago, and Phe, a very good friend of mine had done me some goodwill favors and I said to Naomi, “when you see Phe can you give her a big hug and a kiss and whisper in her ear that Lujan sends his love and gratitude.”

At that point I realized, wow, this is really great. If everybody did this the world would be full of hugs and kisses and love and appreciation.

I send my goodwill and Phe gets a hug and a kiss and a message of love and Naomi is filled to the brim with gratitude as well by receiving the surprise from giving the message.

So let’s spread whispering kisses around the planet and give our hugs and whisper through our friends how much we appreciate them.

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