This is a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) chart of the eyes. It is used by government agencies to detect the program in which one has been immersed in, whether it be used to discover a truth or a lie. It is also used by NLP therapists to break negative programming.

In my book, Awakening the Third Eye: Discovering the True Essence of Recapitulation, techniques are given to break this program, especially the ascension and descension plant-gazing techniques, with eye-gazing principles that bring the initiate back to their full status; original sovereignty.

And when this occurs, uncertainty becomes the wisdom, instead of certainty, as a device that hones an individual’s righteousness.

Now that these basic principles have been established we can talk about the concept of death as an adviser, that was used by don Juan Matus as another didactic device, as explained by Carlos Castaneda throughout his books. He used the principle of memory to pressure Carlos Castaneda’s body to reflect upon his present circumstances.

Carlos Castaneda was instructed to look to his left. As you can see by the chart. Left is where memories are stored.

When we die we are confronted with our memories but this is not the whole truth. The whole truth about death is that it is all-encompassing. It confronts us linearly and is all-pervasive interdimensionally.

Everything has within it this all-pervasive force. It is how we apply our attention to it that defines us.

The only credible use of glancing to one’s left is to obtain the feeling that is stored within the memories, that may advise us on how to proceed. This will only work if one appreciates the present moment that is continually escaping us, where our awe and all-inspiring circumstance attempts to awaken us to our full potential.

So having a novice look to their left is merely a device to make them aware, firstly, that something may be hunting them, which secondly preys on paranoia. Then when the novice becomes convinced that it is only to their left, then they reveal themselves in terms of where they have been captured by the terminology.

We must see all of Juan Matus’ teachings to Carlos Castaneda as very slippery stones that take us across a threshold and while we ever so carefully step across that rushing stream, one must endeavor not to fall into the current that drags them into the self-perpetuating eddy of self-righteous certainty that may blind one to what really is taking place and perpetuates the teachings into a truth that eventually defines the limited position that the novice is defending, which in essence locates the true reflection of their consciousness in comparison to the bigger picture.

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