The nagual Lujan Matus is offering private shamanic tuition in Belize in August and September 2011, and in Costa Rica from October-December 2011.

If you register prior to April 22nd there will be a discount of 10% for one program, 15% for two programs and 20% for three programs. For the Dragon’s Tears and Earth Energy Tapping programs, students can return as many times as they wish to review the movements for no additional charge.

Lujan suggests students commence with Dragon’s Tears, The Three Treasures and Heart and Third Eye Awakening programs. Following this if the student is physically fit and would like a challenge, Earth Energy Tapping is recommended.

The Jaguar Series and Small Mountain are taught only to approved students who have learned Dragon’s Tears and Earth Energy Tapping.

Should you attend for tuition in Costa Rica or Belize?

Both Costa Rica and Belize are rich with natural beauty and offer the opportunity to explore jungles and observe exotic wildlife. If you enjoy the beach then you may prefer to visit Costa Rica because the tuition venue is just minutes away from one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, located in Manuel Antonio National Park. Spanish is the dominant language.

Belize also has an abundance of pristine rainforest and additionally provides the opportunity to visit Mayan temples – including Tikal and Palenque – where some of the most important archeological sites of the Mayan culture can be witnessed. The tuition location is about two hours from Tikal, with many other Mayan temples right in the vicinity. Both English and Spanish are widely spoken.

In both locations you will be able to get to know the friendly locals, enjoy delicious tropical fruits and traditional cuisine, and relax in affordable and beautiful accommodation; all of which will add to your transformational experience as you absorb the teachings of the nagual.

Note: The Shamanic Healing program is only available in Costa Rica.