As a shaman and a nagual – the leader of my lineage –

I understand the full ramifications that beset the readers of The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception. I have begun to explain my journeys – my vision quests into the unknown – that were not prompted by hallucinogens but were a direct consequence of interacting dimensionally with naguals from my lineage that were hidden out of view from the twenty-six preceding generations of naguals that interacted.

It has been my fortune to be privy to this information. I have begun to open up the vision quests that I was directed into via shamanic dreaming, for in essence they are one.

In Awakening the Third Eye: Discovering the True Essence of Recapitulation, chapters of the first book have been elucidated into concrete form, thus more discernible information can be accessed by the laymen so as to give credence and value to their journey by witnessing mine.

Malaiyan, or the Tenant as he is known in Castaneda’s elucidations, has expanded and given a more comprehensive version of shamanism than could have ever been imagined and opened up the field of shamanism to fall back into its true seat of power; its originator; the heart center.

The visions that I experienced, which were the lessons imparted by my benefactors, have more information than linearly expected, so I hope in my lifetime I can elaborate and write more books about what has occurred so as to illuminate and validate our living world; the most structural edifice that has ever been established for consciousness to grow.

This eddy we call our planet has many lessons hidden within. It is just the novice has lost their way by being reprogrammed not to be in touch with what is meant to illuminate our consciousness through socialization and all the binding factors that lie there within.

I will take you on a simple journey and hope that the warrior novice will realize the secrets that confront us are omens to be seen that most have lost the ability to read and by following me into the rainforest I would ask you to look upon your social self; the self that has traveled very far from its center away from its origin. Away from its body consciousness to a region where deceptive winds blow the ungrounded leaf that once was connected to the tree of life.

Malaiyan instructed me to follow him and then he said as he watched me with his luminous black eyes, “Listen to me carefully and watch what I am to do.”

As we gently and stealthily walked through the moist, green rainforest he said, “Be careful of that poison bark. Do not brush by it, for it will brush upon you. And when it does, you will be occupied with this mark.

“Similarly, when you are awakened, those who inquire after the information that we impart to you, when you alert individuals, to their socialized program and point out the poison bark that encompasses their socialized consciousness within that portion, be aware that this itching establishes a burning center that is not of its origin.

“They do not see that they have brushed by something that has engaged them so completely that they defend it. They do not know where they walk and where the dangers lie. They will so readily protect what they defend and ask you to rub against it as well, not knowing that they are lost in the absolute beauty of this rainforest within; unaware of its dangers.”

This information emerges from The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception as an extension of the inner journey, which may not be available to the initiate, but I will write about this in the future.