After 900 AD, Mayan Civilization declined, and the documents and symbols of this ancient culture were almost wiped out by the invading Spanish- who considered the Maya “uncivilized,” and “cleansed” whole regions of Central America of the Mayan Legacy.

However The Mayan left powerful symbols of their unique and little known culture, which outlived the destruction of their conquerors. Symbols that signify ancient and mysterious astrological beliefs- What are these symbols?.

1. Earth

Earth represented the slow movement and our continued change. It symbolized the need of patience when we face tough decisions, and if focused upon can help your inner thoughts make the changes you desire possible. This symbol is round.

2. Night

Night is a symbol of balance and rest with the eventual goal of peace. It represents resting, and forgetting your life issues until your spirit is ready to solve them. Night represents the need to rest, so your inner-spirit can work in peace, as you sleep in peace and helps conquer these issues.

3. Our Sun

The Sun is a symbol of awareness, of enlightenment. In Mayan culture the sun was the symbol of life itself, and symbolized a warming of our ideas, and the creation of life itself.

4. The Jaguar

The Jaguar to the Mayan, was a symbol of power, and rule. The Jaguar God ruled over the Mayan underground at night, and during the day enters the skies and watch over us. The Jaguar was the protector of the cosmic forces from the heavens that guided us,- and a sign of leadership and confidence.

5. The Eagle

The Eagle represented contemplated thoughts, and clarifies clear mental focus on a subject that is troubling you. Mayans believed the symbol of the Eagle if focused upon, could even bring strong telepathic and other ancient powers.

6.. The Bat

The Bat in Mayan Culture represented the underworld. Worshipped as a powerful symbol of protection against enemies, and its rule over darkness.- Ancient Mayans saw both Good and evil in a complete light, rather than a separate light many of us do today. So the bat was worshipped, as a symbol of both good and evil.

Looking beyond the Mayan Calendar, these six powerful symbols tell us of the deep astrological beliefs and the belief in telepathy, dreams, enlightenment and Earth as part of the cosmos itself. An Earth of continued change, just as we continue changing ourselves.


Note from Lujan:  It is important to recognize that cultural representations in  terms of symbols are only vehicles to establish what is inherently available within our consciousness. When the Mayan priests gave value to the idea of an eagle, they were asking their people to be aware of the situation and draw great distance from that which was immersing them, so as not to be emotionally involved within familiar circumstances. 

The Jaguar, as another example, teaches to be direct and unrelenting within your fortitude. But nevertheless we have the capacity to see and symbols prompt a human to grasp the innumerable equations that cannot be comprehended unless one lets go of what they expect so that they may see.

Looking at it from this perspective, the pitfall of symbolism creates ritualistic reliance. Therefore it is best that we wait patiently for our wisdom to arise and not connect it to the boundaries of the socialized dogma that arises in all cultures and is our challenge to overcome.

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