Life truly is a mystery and as it unfolds it elegantly surprises us all.

I have been aware of the year 2012 for many, many years and the implications that this time and beyond has upon our humanity as a collective.

One of the most delightful surprises that came just recently was an invitation to teach at Palenque; the heart of the Mayan culture. I feel this is auspicious and a special time for us to embrace and am honored for my life to be directed into the center of this event that will never again be repeated.

I will be teaching Dragon’s Tears; a very elegant form that was taught to me by my benefactor, the old nagual Lujan. These movements were his last gesture – his final act of power – that revealed the essence of his being to himself at the moment of his death and beyond.

The tears of the dragon introduce the initiate to the blue spectrums of light; the highest form of frequency that beckons us to be aware of it at this present juncture in time. The tears help one forget themselves – the socially embedded being – so that one can remember the most precious gift we have; the self that recounts its actions at the moment that escapes our ability to possess it.

The primary impact that this has on human awareness is that the internal dialog is switched off completely and body consciousness is experienced absolutely. The energetic waves that gently pulsate through one’s being dissolve all manner of machinations until one is free to experience the beauty of oneself, thus expanding into the magnificence of heartfelt unity with all that is.

I will also be teaching a special meditation technique and adding specific movements that belong to a magical form called “The Three Treasures”. These movements resemble the flight of a butterfly and promote the deepest energetic transformations imaginable.

I invite you all to join me and rejoice in this most unique event in Palenque.

Warmest regards and deepest respect,
Lujan Matus.

Details of this event will be posted on my website in a few weeks. Those of you who are on the mailing list will be informed as soon as more information is available.

The hotel has been booked 9 years in advance due to the demand for accommodation in Palenque at this time so places in this workshop will be strictly limited.

Photo courtesy of Theilr

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