Book Excerpt from ‘The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception

I am the dreamer who dreamt my child, who was taught by the Dream Maker, the old nagual Lujan. He taught my child and my child returned to me, the dreamer, who became the awakened man that transmits the inner child through the stories of the dreams. The Dream Maker is my benefactor. He found me in the dream of an adult.

I was in a building, in an elevator on the eightieth floor, when enormous fear engulfed me – I knew the elevator was going to plummet to the ground and suddenly I was traveling downwards at a massive speed. I bent my legs and grabbed hold of the railing, afraid that my legs would be snapped backwards at the knees from the impact, and as I braced myself I heard an explosion and a thunderous sound manifested all around me. I had arrived and was not injured at all.

There were dust particles in the air as I walked out of the elevator into a strange environment. I couldn’t define the walls or the size of the room and as I was scanning with my eyes a feeling of great oppression hit my chest. This oppression transformed into the growl of a jaguar that was lurking in the shadows. I heard the growl from different positions all at once, as if I was surrounded, and I was.

Fear engulfed me once again. I did not want to be mauled and die that way. Grappling with my fear, I looked upwards and turned that fear into the growl itself. Then I noticed envelopes falling from above and as they hit the ground I realized there were men in the room, hiding in the shadows. They were watching me. I felt their intentions piercing through the fabric that was my being. I knew they were testing me.

I then proceeded to pick up one of the envelopes and saw a name. ‘Why would I need this name?’ I thought to myself in perplexed wonderment. Suddenly the room turned black, and what appeared in front of me was a long, rectangular corridor. As I became more familiar with its texture and atmosphere, it expanded in size. I looked into it and realized I would have to take one step up to get there, yet I dared not, for I knew the energetic implication of taking that step was beyond my strength.

Peering into the shadows I saw a figure standing at the end of that corridor. He looked like an Oriental warrior, clad in ancient traditional black leather armor. He stepped forward and when his right foot hit the ground the atmosphere rippled as if it had tangible substance. He then left the ground and flew towards me horizontally through the air.

Upon his approach the pressure that ensued from his body entered me and every fiber of my being was infused with his presence. He landed on his right knee with his left foot firmly planted on the ground in front. His right forearm shielded his downward gaze and his left palm pushed towards the ground by his side. The word ‘Lujan’ entered my body, whilst simultaneously a golden sphere with a blue glow was propelled towards me from the center of his being and stabilized itself within my heart.

At this point I was instantaneously transported to a dream scene of electrifying beings and an auditory phenomenon that were the preliminary energetic stabilizers of my awareness within the truth of that universe which interacts with us within multiple dimensions.

“This is yours to give to the dreamer, little one.”

When he spoke I realized that I was a child, and upon that realization, the dream scene disappeared. The next thing I knew I was standing near running water and there was a bridge in front of me that curved over a brook in an elegant arc. I looked to the center of the bridge and saw a man gazing over the edge. He turned to his left and looked directly at me.

As I returned his gaze I realized I knew him but could not quite put together how I knew him. His gaze was fierce and unrelenting and he had a full, medium length beard and thick, brown, shoulder-length hair. As he faced me I realized his physical strength was beyond anything I had ever known. His voice was direct and commanded my attention.

“My name is Somai. Your inner child has absorbed the old nagual Lujan’s luminosity and has been qualified, and through this qualification you have also inherited his name. You must turn this power that is your inner child into that advisor that we all seek, to bring clarity within the world that encompasses your very being.

The Dream Maker, who is your benefactor, needs you to understand that I am your strength and power of clarity, for you have been waylaid by the cloak that has been pressed upon you within your childhood and is saturating your life as a man. When you first entered the nagual’s realm fear encased you as you fell. To rediscover the inner child one must dive deep into ones soul and often fear is the catalyst one must wrestle with.

The jaguar you heard that delivered a feeling of oppression through the sensation of pressure on your chest, which would devour you, was Jagür. She represents the energetic imprints of socialization of the time and circumstances in which you were born. The very presence of Jagür demanded through her challenge that you drop that socialization. Then the growl became yours and as you looked up your benefactor became available by virtue of that void within you, and when the envelopes dropped, this was the automatic energetic assumption that you may now step forward and be counted.

A moment later the scene had disappeared and there was only blackness, the blackness of the room. I heard a sound off to my left – the growling of Jagür – and when I looked in that direction I saw a figure approaching me from the darkness. At first I could not make out his features. On his approach he spoke.

“You cannot turn around to the Dream Maker at this moment. My name is Lucien. I am one of the four companions that have traveled with the Dream Maker, your benefactor, for many years. Our responsibility is to imprint upon you the intellectual conceptualizations that you need to know.

Your dreaming awareness will be drawn to us until we have completed the task at hand. We will talk of concepts that have dimension and within those concepts will be buried inversions, those time capsules which you will need to access to enable you to go beyond any form of entrapment that may wish to ensnare your awareness and drag it away from the lessons at hand.

“If ones personal life is not clear or powerful, then preoccupations will steal from you, the dreamer, the all-encompassing realm of power that is our heritage as human beings. Preoccupation saturates awareness with a disjointed fusion of imagery and emotion which is projected and added to what should be unimpeded circumstances, incapacitating our natural ability to discover the connecting link that exists in our waking world, appearing in the dream of ourselves to wake us up and alert us to the fact that we are the self-actualized Architect of observation.

To be clear is to dream and to dream is to be clear. We must cultivate our daytime clarity as a stepping-stone to a state of power. Remember, we are interlaced energetically with our universe, even though it appears as a concrete construct, and our magic as human beings is to shift between two realms: one that is solid and one that is composed of energy that appears to be solid, in dreams. Behind those dreams is pure energy, but unfortunately what most of humanity accesses is three times removed from that circumstance, which is why it can be so difficult to realize why we dream what we dream.

“You must give up the hierarchical system of measurement that has been forced upon you, so you will appear in a way that you should, and that emergence will be like water. You will then fall appropriately to the lowest position, which in truth is neither higher nor lower but mimics form, and through this mimicry you will be able to identify the oncoming agendas. Free expression will be the adaptation of this phenomenon and your awareness will never be corrupted because of that fluid adaptation.”

I became transfixed at that point. I realized that a command had been thrown at me through a suggestion that Lucien had engineered. I looked into his dilated pupils and began to make out the features of the man that was in front of me. His eyes were shaped like almonds and he had a strong, hawk-like appearance, with a finely chiseled nose and high cheekbones that protruded gently from his angular face. His lips were thick and his hair was jet black, held in place by a high ponytail that disappeared down the length of his back.

He was dressed only in loose fitting, full-length black pants and his upper body was rippling with muscles. He seemed to be around six foot one or six foot two and was not carrying an ounce of fat. On his upper left pectoral muscle he bore a tattoo, which was a tribal representation of a lizard, surrounded by various angled shapes that swept over his shoulder and down the length of his arm. He wore gold earrings, clasped tightly on his earlobes and one gold ring on his right index finger. I was certainly impressed with the strength that exuded from this man. Lucien’s coffee colored skin made me imagine that he was a tribal leader from some obscure South Pacific island. My revelries were interrupted by the soft, melodic tone of his voice.

“Lujan, my responsibility is to awaken the adult witness which has merged with you, that man you met upon the bridge. To integrate this part you must be prompted on the level of your mind to understand concepts that seem to emerge from nowhere but are transmitted through language. When this is completed my task will be fulfilled. When you put your head on the pillow each night and fall asleep my companions and I will be awaiting you with the intellectual conceptualizations that you must know of so that you may become a pundit for our knowing. I will now send you back to your world.” He clapped his hands and light exploded in my head as his last words rang in my ears. “You know you are responsible. Make good these lessons. A portion of the nagual Lujan now lives permanently within you.”

I knew I had dreamt myself through my benefactor’s power, and the words of Lucien were infused within my being, confirming on a deep level what needed to be known. Since then I have known my name to be Lujan.