The key to establishing effective illusion is misdirection.

Misdirection establishes a construct. Threads of intent are the avenues of awareness that are drawn to a stationed site by being flagged. This flag holds the information necessary to draw the attention of awareness to that site. Once this site has been established it is anchored through verification, and then engineered by the mechanic to suit the variable paired associations through mirrored reflective masks to establish compliance.

Then many are drawn into the misdirection of that illusion and then the momentum of that which has been set forth carries its own weight through multiple associations that assassinate through the auspice of familiarity that has become a collective agreement, effectively burning the bridge of recovery of that truth that no longer exists.

This is the shadow’s misdirection.

Is it not better to stand within the truth of your heart? Is the stalker’s method, a method of misdirection? Does not that misdirection draw energy from the reservoir of our inner luminosity? Is this how the inner seer becomes consumed? If consumed how can that seer arise?

Is not the illusion set forth to take us from our heart?

It is our heart that we must retrieve.

Which of these stand up: Misdirection or truth?
And the question is, is the truth that we rely on truth, or is it merely misdirection?

Who are they really stalking and what has it made us realize because they are stalking us?

Observing without interfering is to be aware of the illusion being put forth. When observation occurs it is the mechanics of the construction that we are observing now as truth of their misdirections.

The war you don’t see