Here is a question from a reader regarding yesterday’s post – Obstructions to Inner Silence.

what moved me most about this post is when you mention that we look for weakness to suggest or impose [power] and that also once aware that happiness is all that is desired but you understand everyone around must set to that same ‘memorandum’…. its the same scenario where one imposes on the other…..

how can one break from this cyclic occurrence and illuminate love to those around you without somehow creating this toxic interaction that you refer as a barrier for the mind?

I’d appreciate as much information as your time allows you to share with me. [ of course, i’m sure your reference of time is much different than my own understanding…. I would also like to know more on this? ]

If you read Awakening the Third Eye: Discovering the True Essence of Recapitulation, you will discover all the techniques you need to utilize to answer your question above and also the experiences elucidated in this book will inform you about my reality in terms of events that correspond with time.

To further answer your question of how to overcome the insidiousness of acceptance that is socially propelled and defined by billions of human beings daily, is to change your own body consciousness. Not the way you think but the way you act. And this will in turn change the way you perceive.

In more practical terms, do unto others what you would want to be done to you. Be of service to others, even though it may inconvenience you.  By virtue of the fact that you neutralize your need to be placated you will learn to love your own shortcomings.

In turn through this service you will embrace and love others as if they are yourself. Because in reality we change what we focus on via our perception. Then our perception of what we change peers back at us, thus changing the fabric of our being.

This is basic quantum physics from a shaman’s perspective.

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