On further elucidations relating to the art of being lucid

in terms of allowing your true body consciousness to express itself in an uninhibited fashion, what this means is that we don’t allow any obstructions to occur.

I will reference one example that I know a lot of people indulge in:

Unfortunately people quite often look for openings or weaknesses in their close associates and loved ones. These weaknesses give the protagonist the power of suggestion. One of these tools is to inflict shame.

Imagine that the protaganist is saying – “why did you do that?”

And in defense, the recipient absorbs the guilt of that shame.

Now, in all cases this is not true power over another individual. It is just simply the power to project and hold. Not only the inflicted, but the protagonist themselves are dealt a physiological blow on the level of immunity and a level of toxicity that culminates between the victor and the victum. This is an event that is equally measurable.

This is only one example that outlines how we block ourselves from our inner silence and proceed disharmoniously in terms of our existence and coexistence.

With this example I would like you to imagine that you are going to sleep at night. There is a point before you fall asleep. You are neither awake nor dreaming.

It is the event that alerts you to the fact that you no longer feel your hands, nor the direction of where your feet are pointing, and the cardinal points of the room are completely lost to your conscious awareness. The auditory sense has completely shut down.

This point is the gateway between our waking world and the world of dreams. If you see the waking world as the description above then you can only assume that is an illusion. And the dreams to come will be equally invalid by virtue of the fact that they are only a reflection of who you are in the waking world because the application is done through calculative manipulation, which is a social program.

Even if you are determine that you are going to be happy and that happiness requires others to acquiesce to the dictums, the desires rendered as operable units that must be placated, then this small description leads us to shame and guilt once again through the device of an expectancy system.

Imagine you are asleep and in this state where your body loses its functional consciousness in terms of a social being, it runs and operates your organs, without your intervention. This same consciousness can be operational in your waking world.

All we need to do is track what we think we know so as to discover that we really don’t know anything of pertinence unless we are absolutely silent; so silent that we forget about our body and become totally aware without thought or preconception of that which arrives in the moment that continually escapes us.

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