When we are born we are an empty vessel. Our body consciousness has not been pressured to comply to the social ebbs that will be the ultimate condition of the newborn’s consciousness.

There are terms called the “tonal” and “nagual”. When a human being is first born they are complete nagual; they have access to all potential. Yet they cannot access this potential by virtue of the fact that they grow within the limitations of what has been called the tonal.

I only mention these two aspects because it is used by the Toltec tradition to explain what they say is the inexplicable.

When we are born our potential is incomprehensible. Through our growth this potential is then set by mimicking a program. This program is like a strange prison that does not let out the nagual and does not let the tonal have the ability to travel inwardly and simultaneously outwardly to discover its origin.

I don’t really like the terms nagual and tonal. Within these two words is a trap that many Castaneda followers have been enslaved to.

Inside us all there is our potential, right at our fingertips. Awaiting inside our body consciousness.

It is a process that is governed by an intelligence that functions without thought but just is. What covers this, or better yet what covets this, is what we believe.

In deep sleep one doesn’t remember, by virtue of the fact that they are immersed in body consciousness; their true potential. So in essence we have to fall asleep to fully awaken to the fact that our limited programming disallows our true dream to fully emerge.

Now I would like you to ponder on how you put yourself to sleep so that everything you know escapes you so the random opportunistic light potential can interact with your desireless desire.