On my journey it has become blatantly apparent that misguided assumptions create false realities. It is difficult to explain without a real-life experience and it is, in actuality, only a real-life experience that can shed light on the subject.

So even though what I would like to talk about is assumptions, it is very closely connected to the element of validation. This also interlinks with using one’s death as an adviser.

Imagine yourself in a circumstance and you are clear and happy and the only thing that concerns you is being in the present moment that actually continually escapes you. Thus the first jewel of wisdom makes itself obvious.

Be careful with the first and foremost present moment that cannot be controlled but witnessed while it escapes the warrior.  When one comes to terms with this factor then the warrior will realize that the only validation that avails itself energetically is that the change is evident and ever-present.

These subtle fluctuations lead the initiate in humble gratitude, knowing that their only input can be what presents itself within the body consciousness, upon the reflection of the circumstance that pressures this body. When one speaks and sees these pressures, one’s death becomes the permanent adviser, leading our humanity to realize the preciousness of that moment.

The reason we have fallen from these realizations is that most of humanity, warriors included, seek and search for validation and this validation has to do with what they think of themselves, in turn pressuring the circumstance to conform to that validation.

Don’t think about this. Don’t validate yourself. Act in accordance with the selfless need to be of service. And when you find yourself in the position of this loving servitude, the world unfolds itself and reveals the magic that you may have missed as a warrior on your path to discovering more.

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