The phenomenon of parallel perception is difficult to be defined in a few words.

Defining it as a state of awareness in our dreams would be totally incomplete. But starting from this, how can we be conscious in a dream?

This is the theory recommended by the shamanism. There is a transpersonal world, an immaterial one difficult to explain. It is amazing to be able to reach that initiating state of dreaming and being aware of it. It feels like navigating in this world of dreams. This feeling gives you power and the experience makes you appreciate this knowledge.

Think how powerful it makes you feel that you are conscious you are having a nightmare. And that is just the projection of your mind and not some kind of reality. The somniloquence has nothing to do with lucidity. Many philosophers and psychologists explained that this lucidity during your sleep gives you the amazing feeling of control. It is possible to choose what happens next in your dreams. The scenery is juggled according to your wishes.

But the most fascinating thing about this quite strange experience for most of us is the feeling of freedom which evades you. Certain authors explain this as freedom granted once you are beyond the laws of physics or the laws of society. Among those who have managed to experience these, some benefited from sublime euphoric love, others from a condition of regeneration, one of infinite plenary emptiness which is full of meaning and love at the same time. It is an inspiring state which allows you to develop your personal abilities.

The meaning of identity is more amplified. The greatest value of this awareness which unveils us while sleeping is that it develops a lot our mental lucidity. It is true that this is a reality within your mind, but being aware of it helps you turning it into another type of reality. These dreams which appear “in the clarity of the mind” are revealing indeed. Anyway, these reflect just one side of parallel perception. Once you understand the power of words and the significance of silence you are on the right path of understanding what parallel perception really means.

By Jack