Beyond this construct we exist energetically.

Energetic implications are an essence; the fundamental fabric that have built the elements of our cognition. In terms of the application of syntax they reveal themselves via this medium as methods procedurally adapted to the circumstance or circumstances presented: Hence the evolvement of the principals of stalking; in all forms, not only from the shamanic tradition, as described via Juan Matus and Carlos Castaneda.

These procedures are the preliminary stepping stones that lead consciousness to a crucial threshold. Admittedly this threshold, within its implication in comparison to the consciousness held via a construct created, is actualized via the awareness of individuals whether singly or collectively. Hence the problem of a solidified cohesion that gives rise to complexities of that uniformity.

Thus the dilemmas that we are faced with within the living construct. Energetic uniformity neutralizes the prior terms. The only way that I can see for anyone to understand fully where I am coming from in terms of my intentions is to clearly give a visual description of that which has occurred beyond this construct.

And this is the reason I believe we must go beyond the limited principles that are the moods of stalking in all its forms, via the variables applied individually, that will, after years of struggle, deliver a person to the powers that be, or the intervention of spirit.

When we amass, what occurs is that once realized, the amassment of that awareness moves in correspondence to that which presents itself.

No explanation necessary. As an energetic unit, as one moves, so the whole moves. The comparative position of that which presents itself then realigns in comparison to that. It just is and that is what we are not.

We struggle to be that and within that struggle fortunes give and fortunes take from that which is. So to be in comparison to that which presents itself is in essence true stalking on the level of the inconceivable, where words do not exist.

While reviewing this article I realized that not many people will understand the implications of the words written. The only thing that really matters for those on the path with heart,  is to give of oneself unconditionally, without compromise, so that we all may amass the earth’s frequency and be whole once again.