As many of us may have experienced it already, striking a balance between the challenges which affect our day to day existence and the actual needs of our inner being become more and more difficult. The outside world, with its endless sets of rules and routines, seems to leave little to no room for our properly nurturing of the most personal aspects of our lives.

But what we don’t realize is that the worlds, the inner and the outside one, are intrinsically connected one which each other in so many ways. Nowadays it is hardly a secret that the successful accomplishment of day to day tasks is much influenced by the degree of wellness of our emotional or physical state.

So, if we feel like the modern living is taking its heavy toll on us, draining us of vitality, strength, and energy, maybe it is time for us to consider making some radical changes in our existence and the way we understand to function in the outside world. And luckily for us, this is a journey we don’t have to make on our own, but accompanied by a wise and experienced guide.

The nagual Lujan Matus is the promoter of these new holistic teachings according to which the movement is the axis Mundi of every individual’s physical, emotional and mental well-being. Of course, this is something we can experience every time we break our bodies’ pattern of regular, necessary movements, and engage in a new physical activity. But as Lujan Matus is teaching us, there is more to movement than just the usual, prosaic sports training, long walks or dance classes.

Throughout the years, Lujan Matus has channeled his efforts on raising awareness about the absolutely fantastic manner in which sequences of specifically designed movements can give access to a higher level of body consciousness and release undiscovered reserves of human potential. Dragon’s Tears, Energy Tapping (also known as Awakening the Energy Body), The Jaguar Series of movements and practices are all meant to open the energetic channels which can help stimulate the physical and personal development of an individual and thus have a huge impact on his approach to the surrounding environment.

All the principles behind these sequences of movements and the way they should be applied in order to become effective are described by Lujan Matus in his books, articles or conferences. And for those who are interested in finding some more details about him and his work, there is a wide range of information available all over around.

By Jack