Within our luminous bubble of awareness everything that we perceive within is compartmentalized.

This compartmentalization creates fragmentation. When awareness shifts within a fragmented compartment of ourselves the perceiver becomes localized within that portion of awareness.

It is not a position of the assemblage point that gives rise to a shift of perception. There is no assemblage point as such. The theory of the assemblage point was a maneuver transmitted to the warrior so as to give the possibility via the mind to perceive beyond the habitual fixation that a warrior possesses in the beginning of their path with heart.

The first step is to give the warrior the illusionary capacity to perceive that there is an external unit of awareness that becomes the operative of the perceiver, thereby giving the illusion of control in terms of consciousness.

The whole luminous bubble perceives. As one traverses these perceptions the compartmentalized portions merge and integrate via recapitulating the moments of perception that are separate until unification occurs.

Once unification has amassed to a certain degree, inner silence becomes all pervasive. Upon the amassment of personal power one begins to see energy directly and then realizes upon the seeing that the all consuming filaments of light pass through and activate portions and then the whole of the luminous form as one selective unit of perception that then traverses the energy filaments in terms of integrating these filaments via integration of that which presents itself in its ever fluctuating unifying form of light.

We assemble via this luminous bubble. And to be here is to be disassembled; fragmented; until one sees.

We are predatory by nature. Juan Matus took this predatory nature and gave it something to possess. Within this possession the idea has taken prisoner until the idea in turn imprisons the perceiver. Maneuvers within maneuvers.

Volunteers will convince themselves that they are right. So there is no need for the teacher to convince the volunteer of their folly. The terminology has to be seen for what it is; and thereby witnessed or observed until the struggle within themselves is released or forever binds.

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