I Visited Lujan Matus for the second time to revise the Dragon’s Tears and Awakening the Energy Body.

I enjoyed doing the Tears like I had the first time, there is an unseen energetic signature that is renewed every time. I felt soothing tranquility practicing with Lujan and the rest of my co-students. The additions to the Awakening the Energy Body.  are highly energetic and have a deep impact on the body.

I enjoyed being in a group of people. What Lujan was conveying to one or more of his students was making me realize things about myself and about the world. Realizations were erupting even when no words had been spoken. Lujan is a great teacher, a healer and a nagual, and above all he is a great friend and a great guy to talk with. I enjoyed the conversations with him and the rest of his students.

Lujan’s practices are invaluable for maintaining a strong body to support consciousness and will, and his shamanic tuition is challenging you to expand your view and explore your power. Beyond that, Lujan with his immovable inner truth is inviting you to reside in your own inner truth.