When learning it is important to sustain a sense of self so that the one you are learning from does not subdue that part of you where your personal power is sustained.

It is this focal point that has been pressured and it is this pressure that will teach you where your power lies.

There are only three choices in the world.  To enslave or be enslaved are the most regular that you will find within the living construct. The third position comes about from realizing that one has been enslaved. When this realization takes place you either have the opportunity to mimic and reflect back and perpetuate that which has been pushed upon you, or take that mask, which is the third perspective, and see that mask approaching in all your circumstances so that you will know that you cannot be trapped within that conceptual field again because you can see the characteristics of that which entrapped your clarity previously.

To observe this mask approaching one must be in a state of inner silence, not adding one portion of oneself to that which approaches. Observe that without interference.

If your circumstances are overwhelming and do not want to release you from that which has been before, then remove yourself and start again somewhere else. In some cases familiar links can perpetuate with an insidious insistence to stabilize that which has been caught. This must be avoided at all costs if this is occurring.

If one lives from within the heart then that heart will know how to proceed.  Create a perimeter so that heart may sustain itself within the reality pertinent to your circumstances.