I would like to state something here that will only be relevant to those who have read my books:

The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception: The Living Tapestry of Lujan Matus and Awakening the Third Eye: Discovering the True Essence of Recapitulation.

I did not choose to become a nagual. I was chosen as a child and simultaneously impacted by that choice at the age of 40. So I did not choose to be who I am. The spirit of the old nagual Lujan intervened outside the realms of this living construct and so too were Juan Matus and the Tenant part of this collaboration to capture my being.

And I am at this point grateful that this took place. If I was not captured by these beings in the fashion that I was then I would have been captured by something else and this would have been more frightening than being trapped by what has captured most people within this world.

My journey has been simultaneously arduous and blessed. I have been extensively subject to non-linear compartmentalization that is difficult for the linear mind to grasp and then comprehend. And subject to the corresponding fragmentation that occurs via this anomaly.

In short, anything I attempt to construct is immediately deconstructed. Thus I am left at my source.

But this emptiness does not give me, as everyone would think, a state of invulnerability. It has ripped my shields open and left me vulnerable in a way that allows me to extract wisdom via that vulnerability.

This is the living account of how the old nagual intervened, therefore redirecting my purpose into their magical net, which obviously is not the same way that Castaneda was taught, nor the same procedure.

My life was impacted absolutely via the spirit of these men therefore I would say that their intervention in my life has within it truly the essence of spirit. I did not have any men to contend with in this world. I had the intent of those men to contend with in another.

I was chosen because of my unusual configuration of energy. I am akin to the old nagual Lujan. I am a nagual like he.

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