Here is another photo from Toshihiko of a natural phenomenon called the “green flash”.

Toshihiko is the first person who has photographed this occurrence in his province. Below is what he had to say about the event.

It was about 20 years ago when I knew this natural phenomenon “green flash”. But I didn’t expect to witness green flash in Japan let alone my province because this phenomenon is mainly seen in tropical area or the high mountains where the air is always perfectly clear.

As I’ve energetically explored in mountainous area to look for darker sky and reported these places that are ideal for star gazing (maybe Japan is the brightest country at night, light pollution is serious problem) in my blog past 2 years. Thus I got acquainted with some star gazers include real experts.

Some expert astro-photographers advised me that you should try to take a photo of green flash here, you can do it, although there is no one who saw green flash in Niigata prefecture. I accepted these encouraging words as an felicitous omen from the universe or the sun.At that morning 19th Aug, I perceived a subtle feeling of conviction that I might be able to see green flash today comes from the heart.

Not only you but also other many spiritual teachers are often mentioning that the most important thing for humans is to always pay attention about from where our thought comes, from our heart center or from our mind?

I can’t say I easily see the difference, my heart isn’t pure and clear enough. But I occasionally wake up in limpid air in the morning.

When I saw green flash, I was relaxed. As if I was daydreaming. I remember that how the green light was vivid, delightful, and lively. Breathtaking green flash filled me with awe. I felt that green light unveiled what my unknown potential and my innate light body are like, at that moment.