I will take a long time to assimilate what we have been given. Today is the last meeting of three weeks a friend and I have been learning, working and sharing with Lujan Matus. A time filled with wonder and intensity, a sharp encounter, strong and loving.

A year ago, the book: “The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception” impacted my life. There are events that change the perspective over the world. A valuable encounters that changes your path positively and definitely. This book touched my heart, so clearly and deeply that started to prepare myself for the encounter that would happen one year later.

Long ago, in a ceremony with plants, my spirit was lost and then was invaded by an external entity with which kept a grueling struggle for several years. At that ceremony, the blue-green light of my heart went away and following a very fine thread went far away to a distant dark region. The love and affection of my partner managed to bring me back, but an entity of that region installed itself in the chest.

That was an important reason to seek the help of the Nagual, my third week of work was planned for the program of “shamanic exorcism.”

You have been scared -he said, three weeks ago, the second day of our meeting. Lujan “saw” me and told me I had “something” external weighing on my heart. Lujan asked my permission, for him to move it away.

At that point, being with Lujan had been giving me the feeling of being with someone who is empty, and through his emptiness I could see the depth and beauty of a human being. Simple, something so simple and natural. I was feeling a bubble of energy that weakened my usual mental processes and allowed my heart to open.

That is the feeling that remains clearer when I feel or think about him. Without hesitation I gave him my permission.

In those years I went through many moods, processes and meetings, desperate battles I had with this entity, many kinds of healing, some helped, but I always had a strange presence in my spirit and my body. Gradually I was getting used to live with it despite the weight that it meant. Part of me struggled desperately but the matter was very large and slowly I was losing myself in the deep.

The night after Lujan asked me my permission my heart felt light and returned to a state of peace and tranquility that I haven’t lived for several years. That was at the second night of our meeting.

Now it has been three weeks of looking into the vastness, feeling the soft and penetrating wind of something that is beyond any syntax.

I have been sharing with a jovial and smiling being, which appears in all his power and freshness. His look does not result in the shade, it constantly stalks it and doesn’t allow it to emerge through our behaviour. A pure looking travels into your heart.

Gratitude and love,

P.S. The revival of energy, strength and fullness of my heart has been gradual, it was the beginning of lightness, peace and tranquility. Now this revival is intense.

Now, many memories are recovering and activating. I feel an increase in intensity in everything, I feel the importance of every thing, every thought, every word, every relationship. I feel like everything has a bearing on reality. I feel like time is precious and our responsibility is significant and relevant. Have opened in me, deep understandings and my heart felt in the intensity of it all. It is wonderful and is a privilege to live in this moment.

It has been two months doing Dragon’s Tears and Earth Energy Tapping, and feeling the effect and the transformation in my body an spirit, specially in my heart, and from my heart thank you for this gift of vital power.

Esteban / Quetzal’ Coatl