Lujan, Thanks again for another magical week!

I’ve just done another 5 days with Lujan Matus, this time learning a new form called small mountain which is the first segment of the Jaguar Series, which really opened up my energy like nothing I have experienced before…nothing to be explained or put into verbal words…its something so magical that I feel my strength opening in areas I had no awareness of before.

One of the unique effects of the Jaguar Series is that I am now constantly dreaming every night of performing these movements and when I was learning with Lujan I was constantly being taught the Jaguar Series in dreaming by him.

Every time I am with Lujan I receive a key in which I unlock the many gateways towards emptiness…to freeing myself of the social bullshit and manipulations I weave myself into.
Its like walking along your path, sometimes looking outside and veering to the left or right, though with Lujan I walk directly on my tight rope to where I’m going with no distractions to push me off. I know where it is I stand now.

The events which have occurred these past few weeks have been so potent that I can no longer hide from or lie to myself. Everything has arisen to the surface, nothing resides hidden…
I now feel someone and they appear, or have an issue and its directly reflected through everything that surrounds me…if I cant find a clear answer to something then someone will randomly walk by and answer my question for me aloud as they walk by…there is nowhere to hide anymore and no need to hide anyway.

Lujan has helped me to utilize so many tools through his words, to practicing earth energy tapping and the dragon’s tears which I continue as part of my practice daily. The tapping opens up so much energy and I feel after practicing it for some time that the body becomes hard as iron.

The other day I knocked my leg and didn’t even feel it! If I don’t do it in the morning I feel the difference…it charges me with energy for the day and awakens all my muscles and cells.

This time with Lujan I also learned some new gazing techniques, cloud gazing and flower gazing.

Lujan warned me to rotate my eyes clockwise otherwise it could be dangerous. Unconsciously I moved for a split second anticlockwise. Lujan said at this point he saw a beam of black light coming down from the sky.

That night I had an experience which frightened me deeply. There was something in the room moving objects on my alter and this happened four nights in a row.

Lujan explained that the Tibetan mandala rotates in a clockwise direction and there is a good reason for this. He said that the Nazis reversed this mandala to rotate anti-clockwise (swastika). He said that this provokes forces that should not be unleashed within the gazing as I discovered.

Lujan also showed me how to take the light from stars by plucking them out of the sky! Though this time he took a planet’s light, not a star’s….which disappeared from the sky and then reappeared after 30 seconds. He said that you can take the light from a dead star that has imploded or exploded. A planet’s light can be taken only for a short period and then the planet replaces itself after the gazing.

Lujan I look forward to our next meeting, hopefully sooner than later…Thank you for being such an honest and loving teacher and friend!