“When the student is ready, The teacher will come”

I have been working on the path of self improvement for over ten years now. I have read many authors on this subject . I was purchasing a similar book online when the dealer suggested “I might also like”… Parallel Perception by Lujan Matus. I decided to purchase the book on a the fact that the title sounded interesting.

Reading this book marked a true turning point in my life. The book itself is full of more knowledge than I would have ever guessed, but one line in particular changed my life far more than anything else I read. On the very last blank page of the book there was one small line of text in the middle of the page reading parallel perception dot com. If I only had an idea of the magnitude that this one little line carried.

I followed the rabbit hole a little deeper and went to the site. Here the quote I wrote at the top came true. I began my online tuition with Lujan.

I realize now that the previous ten years of self work had been the preparation for what was to come. In 12 weeks of online tuition with the Nagual, I had accomplished more than the entire 10 years of preceding work. All things come in the correct time, but I am here to tell you that you don’t have to wait any longer than necessary. If you can’t go directly to Bali the online tuition is the answer.

Lujan will not “give” you anything. The strange thing is that you don’t need to be “given” anything. You have inside you already all the things that you will ever need in this life. Lujan with his system of knowledge is a key to unlocking this power that resides within you, but the work is still yours to do.

I can personally assure you through my own experiences with him that he definitely holds the key to our closed doors. Contact with him will fling these doors wide open. Try it…see what lies behind the closed doors of your own mind.