A reader, Toshihiko, has offered to share some photographs of stars on the blog.

“I started astro photography and star gazing 3 years ago. I went to my usual place, a small hill that is 1 hour drive from my home last Saturday night to take photos of stars. 

Whenever I go to mountains, I always practice meditation while taking photos. I witnessed a stunning shooting star which is as large as moon I’ve ever seen at that night as well as almost 14-15 shooting stars in 3 hours after energy work. I felt that I was surrounded by a strong energy & feeling of delight and appreciation.

Let me give a simple explanation.

The picture whose red area is larger is Cygnus. The biggest and brightest stellar is Deneb. These colorful areas around deneb is one of the most popular object among astronomy fans.

This area is known as a existence of big black hole as well.

Another picture is Cepheus. Personally, I perceive deep love from this area. If there is the collective consciousness at each fixed stars or major duffuse nebulas or elective certain area and place,  I convince that super high order collective consciousness is in being around this constellation.

They are brimming over with curiosity and mischievousness based on love, as if they are observing us like true parents. “


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