Hello everyone!

I’ve just returned from Bali where I went to learn the Dragon’s Tears and Energy Tapping with the nagual Lujan Matus. I learned even more than I hoped for! I went there to have more understanding of my Kung Fu training and I wasn’t disappointed; the Dragon’s tears provide the keys to the energy aspect of Chinese martial arts, and the tapping, next to being a great workout, will clear your body from your personal history ( this is not something you have to believe or assume; you will be able to feel it clearly! ) so you can have an “empty hand”.

Now I most admit that I’ve always been looking for a teacher who could teach me the things you only hear, read or see about, like John Chang. And this, among other things that my character displayed that Lujan made me aware of, lead to the greatest lesson I learned: to be myself. ( Just like ‘Kung Fu Panda’, watch it; it’s a great animation! )

The very first night I already started struggling with myself and feelings I projected towards Lujan and tried to walk away from him. Lujan, aware of what I was doing, followed me and confronted me. ( He’s great with this; he sees right through you and knows your thoughts and feelings. )

He was spot on and because of me being so exposed I knew “resistance was futile” and it was easier for me to let go of my behavior. Lujan also made it clear that my lessons would be according to how much I could let go of these behaviors: not because he would show me less, but I would be preoccupied and so wouldn’t be able to see it. My behaviors where tied to emotions and rules of society which I gave to much value.

Now Energy Tapping also helps with letting this go by clearing your body from personal history, but I think Lujan’s confronting is essential; by only doing the tapping you can perpetuate your behaviors, because you create the illusion far yourself that you can ‘remain’ unseen. ( In truth, as Lujan showed me, you’re never invisible, unless your empty. )

Because of this I’m not looking for a teacher anymore who can teach me some awesome tricks, because I can now let my own personal power develop. If this should lead me to such a teacher anyway then I know that this is truly a teacher for me.

Now next these serious conversations, I was mostly laughing while being in Lujan’s company; the tapping was much heavier than I thought and when I did it the first day, my personal history that was rising up, got stuck around my heart chakra which made me nauseous and feeling faint and I couldn’t really finish the session. When I saw Lujan later that day we were laughing about it .

Lujan also taught me some gazing techniques among which ‘The Gateway’, the one Michael wrote a testimonial about…, it really is something else to see that star that we were gazing at in the sky has disappeared as well.

I can’t think of any reason why anyone shouldn’t go.

Little brother.

Thomas, Netherlands