I got a surprise visit from Genki this week. He came to study the Dragon’s Tears and make a friendship.

Four days before he arrived he dreamed with my benefactor, the old nagual Lujan. In the dream the old nagual touched his upper torso, patting him up and down, checking his strength and power.

When Genki told me of this dream he said there was a white imprint of a hand left on his left shoulder in contrast to his brown skin. This is the first time that anybody has been affected so deeply by the old nagual, apart from myself.

I have a white dot on my heart center where Juan Matus and the Tenant gently rested their fingers on different occasions. My hands are also pure white from my experiences. All the pigmentation has been taken from them.

Genki asked me, “What does this mean?”

I said, “Tell me more of your dream”.

He said that after the nagual touched him a star came from the sky, shooting towards his heart center and landing in the center of his body there. I said to him, “you have a lot of power and good luck will come to you because of this”.

In my forthcoming book, “Awakening the Third Eye“, I have explained how stars affect our consciousness and when one leaves the heavens and enters your body, good fortune follows.

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