My name is Robinson. I live in Brooklyn, NYC. I have read Lujan Matus’ book, The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception three times. This book has helped me in such profound ways, yet in a simple, subtle, everyday manner. I have had saturation in life and my being has felt like the rigidity of a stone. Lujan’s words have been to me like the consistent drop of water that has helped hollow out that rigidity. They have provided the words emptiness, fluidity and formlessness.

Like the right hand and the left, we have an old self, with a set of routines and behavior that makes us sticky and feel stuck. We also have a better side of our self, a professional human being with kindness, surging energy, who gives and receives love in abundance and who simply has a whole bunch of fun.

I have been taught, through Lujan’s words, that you must dissect darkness in order to see the light. I have been made aware of something, at least in this stage of my growth, which has made a big difference: when I do the right thing (when i do what has to be done) when I do something from my heart, there is a surge of energy that feels very good.

When I allow myself to be lazy and not act in the way the subtle voice of my heart dictates, right out of nowhere a damn of energy is built right within myself. How do we free ourselves from heaviness, self-imposed and imposed upon by others? How do i free myself of myself?

Imagine Lujan’s timeless inherited knowledge as a gigantic golden key with a thousand keys within it that light on and off like a fireflies. Where are they? In our heart.

Then another idea that has been elusive for me for a while: when you have more energy you think more clearly. Trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, the bullies in our life, the situations and circumstances, the pain–all of these create energetic blockages like a pinched nerve. Why are you reading this?

Why did I read testimonies before I made contact with Lujan?

Because in my heart of hearts I felt that there was something out of balance that needed balancing. And it still does. And hence the idea of the warrior, a type of spiritual identity that has enabled me to push beyond the nagging, critical, self-deprecating moments. I have learned from Lujan Matus that less is more, that for success, one needs to go very slow, with much effort but without tension nor obsession–with a lengthened spine and total relaxation.

In the challenges of life, in the ups, in my downs and in my in betweens, I keep the idea of the warrior in my heart. It is the golden lotus flower which grows right next to the palpitations of my heart and it is still small, but it is growing with power and kindness.

Attend a workshop with Lujan and your world will change.

With gratitude.