A very close friend of mine was entrapped in this world within an emotional dilemma that they could not escape from. I was concerned about their position and in dreaming was confronted by my friend but upon that meeting realized that it was not them.

When I confronted this being in my dream and said’ ‘who are you – you are not my friend’ they abruptly turned into an inorganic being and I was transported to their realm only to view a construct that appeared to be floating in a vast blackness; or a universe beyond anything I could comprehend.

What I learnt from being there was that my friend was already entrapped in a world beyond our world, yet was totally unconscious of that. Yet the emotions that entrapped them in the inorganic realm were the same emotions that governed and disrupted their life in the living construct; our world.

Deciphering information outside of our living construct sometimes can be distressing because we have no identifiable reference points to access that we are familiar with and because of this any fundamental fears that we have will come to the surface and become much larger because the parameters have no boundaries, and that expression expands upon itself.

That’s why it is so very important for us to try to clear our fundamental base plate imprints that supply emotion while we are attempting to traverse what is beyond the confines of our living construct.

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