About 15 years ago I was driving in my car.

It was about 1am. For some reason I had difficulty concentrating. At that point I saw a strange being which to this day, I still cannot formulate the image in my mind.

It said to me, ‘You’ve no need to return.’

And at that point I saw the construct turn into a long carpet-like corridor that began to roll up on itself. At the point that it was going to compress and vanish I thought there is too much to be done, and I feel terribly responsible for not finishing what I started.

The rest of the trip home was excruciating because it felt that the world would disappear at any given moment.

Sometimes I do regret being in the world of men, but there are many that I’ve met on my way that have made this journey worthwhile.

We are responsible for our choices and together we journey, until the time comes for us to take the journey into another world.

If the bonds of affection between warriors are strong, we can undertake this journey together, and the choices we make in this world will reflect on our experience in the next.