I know it is normal for us here to have agendas; to want things.

And I also know that we are composed of two definable elements; organic and inorganic.

To be aware of the latter, one must see energy to perceive oneself in luminous forum and the energetic fields that accompany that by virtue of being aware in this way.

I have also seen something on the other side that is of inorganic origin that has the ability to transport itself into this world through human awareness, and the desires, dreams, motivations of these people that I’ve seen, do seem normal, run of the mill, but behind this seemingly normal behavior is a continuity that I’ve seen network itself within human consciousness.

In many cases this subtlety is as such, a subtlety. It is very difficult for people to see, in many cases, that this is occurring because the normal obsessions of the daily world obscure these entities from being identified, and I believe that these have been described by Carlos Castaneda as flyers, or the flyers mind, a term that I don’t like to use. It somehow minimizes what’s really happening.

I very rarely talk about this subject because it can be dealt with indirectly. But I feel sometimes it is important to talk about it directly.

For about 20 years I was involved in the healing industry in oriental therapies. In a lot of cases in my work I saw that many illnesses that had manifested primarily had to do with the client possessing a particular emotional attitude that manifested as a psychological anomaly.

To source the original emotion that created the anomaly I had to deal with the facade that governed the illness.

This can be seen quite easily in the features of the face, or the language of that person’s body behaviorally in movement.

But at the times when I reached the focal point that was the illness, it stemmed from an internal emotion that’s reality was opposed to the carrier, and the reason I come to this conclusion is that when the illness had been dealt with the parameters of that person’s personality would change dramatically.

Now this is just talking from a therapist’s point of view, but as a shaman I was aware of another phenomenon in the room while dealing with my clientele.

It would manifest as a fleeting shadow and I had one client that I treated for a ten year period that I would say was the most disenfranchised human being I had ever met.

They had no idea of who they were; they were governed by something else. Don’t get me wrong; they functioned in society perfectly. But the results of their actions always undermined, even if they seemed to be genuine.

In a lot of cases working with this person I would be jumped not only by one shadow being but by dozens. When I would walk into my practice room I would experience the room going light and dark as if someone were turning a light on and off.

The client would also see this. And there would be such a pressure on the back of my eyes it felt like a physical sensation that the darkness had imposed on my retina when it was jumping me while I was working to release this person from not only one entity but to close what was opened up within them as a doorway to this world unknown to them.

I’ve seen this particular entity jump behind people’s eyes just for a moment, as if to warn me that they are aware that I am aware of them, and to try to stop me revealing the fact that I know something that I should not.

Their awareness can also be felt as a pressure around the heart region or a knock on the liver.

And I believe humanity as a vehicle can be used by these being to help them manifest themselves in organic form, and I believe they are not supposed to be here and we should not be living the way we are living because of their influence.

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