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We are excited to share an extraordinary journey of transformation and empowerment through our new original song.

“Dragon’s Tears Awakening” is inspired by the profound teachings of Lujan Matus. This beautiful piece is more than just music; it’s an invitation to explore the depths of your inner wisdom and unlock your true potential.

A Journey Through Music

“Dragon’s Tears Awakening” captures the essence of spiritual growth and self-discovery. Here are the heartfelt lyrics that weave a tapestry of transformation:

In the stillness, beneath the twilight’s gleam,
A gentle whisper flows like a waking dream.
With every breath, the Dragon’s essence nears,
A subtle touch of transformation clears.

In the dance of shadows, under starlit skies,
The Dragon’s wisdom softly flies.
A drop of change, the heart appears,
Bathed in the glow of the Dragon’s Tears.

Through the veil of night, where the silent roars,
A path revealed, of ancient lores.
In the echo of the Dragon’s mystic cheers,
Lies the power to overcome our fears.

Step by step, with the Dragon’s guide,
In its strength, we confidently stride.
A journey through the years,
Illuminated by the Dragon’s Tears.

Beyond the horizon, where the unknown clears,
We find our courage, dispelling fears.
With the Dragon’s Tears, our vision steers,
Towards a destiny that sincerely endears.

So let the Dragon’s Tears fall, let them flow,
In their wisdom, let ourselves grow.
For in their essence, the truth appears,
Guiding our path, the Dragon’s Tears.

Transformative Online Class with Lujan Matus

We are excited to announce that this powerful song coincides with an exclusive online class, “Dragon’s Tears,” taught by the renowned spiritual teacher Lujan Matus. This immersive program will take you deeper into the teachings that inspired our song, offering a unique opportunity for personal growth and enlightenment.

Class Details:

Schedule: Starting June 22nd, every Saturday from 12pm-2pm Arizona time, for 14 weeks.
Pricing: $2595

This class will guide you through ancient wisdom and powerful movements designed to enhance your awareness, courage, and inner strength. It’s an unparalleled chance to transform your life and connect with a community of like-minded individuals on the same path of self-discovery.

Join Us on This Journey

We invite you to watch the music video for “Dragon’s Tears Awakening” and let the melodies and lyrics inspire you. Feel the call to join our online class and embrace the transformative power of the Dragon’s Tears.

Thank you for being a part of the Parallel Perception community. Together, let’s explore the depths of our inner wisdom and unlock our true potential.

We are now accepting registrations for Lo Ban Pai training with Lujan Matus online and in Sedona, AZ. 

To register, please visit the link below: