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Why are we here? It's a question that philosophers, theologians, and thinkers have pondered throughout the ages.

The answer lies not in our external circumstances but within the very fabric of our being.

We often perceive ourselves as limited beings, confined by our physical and mental boundaries. However, these limitations, rather than being barriers, are gateways to the infinite realm of universal consciousness. We unlock the door to limitless potential by acknowledging and understanding our limitations.

At the heart of this realization is the concept of heart awareness. As we traverse the challenges of life, it’s through the lens of heart awareness that we can ascend to higher states of consciousness. But how do we navigate these limitations? The key lies in open-heartedness, allowing us to evolve and perceive our world in a new dimension.

Imagine an impoverished individual on the streets. Their vision is confined, unable to see beyond their immediate struggles. In much the same way, an impoverished consciousness restricts us from recognizing the vastness of our potential. However, by embracing our limitations with love rather than greed, we give them worth. Through this acceptance, we elevate ourselves and align with the universal force.

Essentially, our existence’s purpose is a journey from recognizing our limitations to realizing universal consciousness. It’s about embracing each challenge and limitation as an opportunity to evolve and grow. It’s about understanding that our purpose transcends beyond the confines of our physical existence. Why are we here?

The answer is simple yet profound: to discover, to grow, and to be. As we ponder this existential question, we find that there’s nothing more important than this journey of self-discovery and universal alignment.

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