We are ecstatic to share the launch of two extraordinary collections that capture the essence of the Parallel Perception ethos.

In addition to the Parallel Perception Designs website, you can now explore these offerings through our brand-new Etsy store!

The Hunab Ku Collection: Weave the Cosmic Web into Your Wardrobe

Step into the universe with our refined Hunab Ku Collection, where each piece features the subtle yet significant Hunab Ku symbol near the heart—a deep-rooted icon of cosmic interconnection. This distinguished collection, spanning men’s and women’s apparel, offers a range from classic tees to cozy sweatshirts, airy tank tops, and our newly launched sweatpants and shorts. Each item is lovingly crafted from organic cotton, showcasing our commitment to environmentally responsible fashion and our dedication to conscientious practices.

Drawing inspiration from the universal symbol of Hunab Ku, this ensemble speaks of unity and cosmic harmony. Every item, from t-shirts to hoodies, resonates with the intertwined narrative of life.


The Authentic Self Affirmation Line: Make a Statement with Substance

Introducing our Authentic Self Affirmation Apparel Collection, adorned with the inspiring mantra, “Be Your Simple Beautiful Loving Self.” Each piece, from cozy sweatshirts and hoodies to casual tees, is crafted to boost self-acceptance and emanate a positive vibe. The collection stands as a celebration of the elegant simplicity that underscores sophistication in its purest form.


A Step Further in Sustainability

Sustainability isn’t just part of our story; it’s the backbone of our production process. From sourcing organic cotton to adopting recycled materials and eco-friendly packaging, we ensure that our impact on the planet is as gentle as the fabrics we choose for our clothes.


Find Us on Etsy

To expand the reach of our sustainably made, spiritually inspired apparel, we’ve launched an Etsy store. Etsy’s marketplace is renowned for supporting independent artisans and small businesses, offering you a secure and user-friendly platform that aligns with the community-centric ethos of our brand.


Your feedback drives our innovation and growth, so as we embark on this new venture, we invite you to share your thoughts and experiences with us. Please tell us what designs resonate with you and what you’d like to see in the future!

Explore Our Collections on Etsy

Explore the depth of our designs and the spirit behind each piece. Click the link below to visit the Parallel Perception Designs website and view the full collection.