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Excerpted from Online Spiritual Guidance with Lujan Matus

Every individual possesses a unique configuration – a unique shape influenced by our physical attributes and, more deeply, our internal spiritual alignment. Lo Ban Pai philosophy focuses on harnessing this individuality and redirecting our perceptions from the mind to the heart.

The Quest for the True Self

One of the primary teachings of Lujan Matus is understanding and embracing our authentic self. This true personality emerges from our heart center, far removed from the influences of societal norms and mind-based judgments. We begin a transformative journey of openness and genuine self-awareness by accessing our heart center.

Muting the Mind: The Societal Challenge

Our modern society constantly tugs us away from our authentic, loving selves. Emotions and thoughts, in their present form, are heavily influenced by social constructs. Lujan explains that the challenge lies in quieting these conditioned responses and accessing a pure heart process.

The Journey through Shapes and Emptiness

Lo Ban Pai practices involve a series of movements or “shapes” that cultivate a sense of emptiness within. These shapes redirect the focus from the mind’s connection to emotions toward a more open, heart-centered perspective. As practitioners delve deeper, they begin to encounter and understand the fascial lines within their energy body.

Mind and Emptiness: A Tandem Dance

When the mind engages with these fascial lines, a unique process unfolds. The initial encounter pulls the mind into a state of emptiness, but societal conditioning pulls it back almost immediately. This cycle, once recognized, can become a powerful tool in understanding and, ultimately, breaking free from ingrained patterns.

The Power of Emptiness and Conscious Receiving

Lo Ban Pai emphasizes the principle of ‘receiving’ rather than ‘going’ or projecting oneself. Projection can create strong karmic ties, leading to spiritual entanglement. Instead, by cultivating a state of receptive emptiness, practitioners can access purer forms of knowledge and understanding without violating another’s spiritual space.

Challenging Traditional Shamanic Beliefs

While some shamanic traditions advocate for projecting consciousness into animals or other beings, Lujan warns against such practices. They are viewed as violations, and rather than seeking external experiences, the emphasis is on waiting for insights to come naturally.

The Sacred Role of the Double

In Lo Ban Pai, the energy body or “double” plays a vital role, not in this life but in preparation for the afterlife. It’s a conduit to connect with the universal mind. But its primary purpose is to aid in the transition of death, allowing communion with the divine.

Embracing Universal Mind and Heart Consciousness

The ultimate aim is to connect with the Universal Mind, which isn’t linked to our individual memories but to a vast collective memory, the Akashic records. By achieving a state of emptiness and tapping into our true heart consciousness, we can access the profound wisdom of ages past, while staying rooted in the present and true to ourselves.

The teachings of Lujan Matus and the philosophy of Lo Ban Pai offer a transformative path. By understanding our unique configurations, muting the societal mind, embracing emptiness, and harnessing the heart’s power, we can embark on a journey of true spiritual growth.

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