The moment is almost upon us!

As we stand at the threshold of embarking on the transformative Opening the Tao journey with Lujan Matus, we extend a warm, special welcome to our last-minute enrollees. Joining us at the last moment truly reflects your deep commitment to personal evolution, exploration, and insight.

Embrace the Adventure:
Though you’re coming aboard just as we’re about to start, remember that every moment in this course—every movement, lesson, and insight—is an opportunity. You’ve stepped into a space of profound learning and self-discovery.

Connect and Engage:
During the online sessions, we encourage you to actively participate in discussions, ask questions, and connect with fellow participants. There’s a wealth of shared experiences and wisdom in our community.

Maximize Your Experience:
Enrolling in our Opening the Tao online course grants you access to a treasure trove of transformative knowledge and practices.

Every lesson has been meticulously crafted to catalyze your growth, from heightened self-awareness to a deepened connection with ancient wisdom.

A Journey Together:
Every participant is integral to the fabric of this course. We’ll journey together, supporting one another, as we explore the depths of Opening the Tao.

For those still on the fence, this is your final call. There’s a seat for everyone willing to embark on this transformative voyage.

To new beginnings, profound discoveries, and the endless horizon of learning ahead!

Course Details:

  • Duration: A comprehensive 5-week program
  • Schedule: Saturdays at 12 p.m. Mountain Standard Time (Arizona) starting October 14th and continuing every other week until December 9th.
  • Session Length: Approximately three hours.
  • Format: Direct video conferencing instruction by Lujan Matus.

We are now accepting registrations for the Opening the Tao online program with Lujan Matus starting on October 14th.

To register, please visit the link below: