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Testimonial: Private Shamanic Healing Retreat

Dear Lujan,

Here are the notes I captured for the private Shamanic Healing Program a few days after I left Sedona.

Day 1: Meet and greet.

Lo Ban Pai Training. Pretty intense to be viewed and coached so pointedly.

Bodywork: As soon as I rotated to the face-up position and Lujan touched my head, a light show began that only got more intense every minute and changed as Lujan’s hands moved across my body. It was fun and felt significant to me.

Day 2: Bodywork.

Lower dantien vibrated for an instant and shot out an energy wave that pulsed up my torso and down into my hanging arms as I lay face down on the table. The energy wave came forth from the lower dantien in the shape of an arc, with the leading part of the wave going up my spine and into the base of my head.

The lower dantien was letting me know it was there. I had never felt the lower dantien before. At that moment, I understood its exact location. It is small. I will help it grow with my Lo Ban Pai practice.

Strong visuals with a golden triangle in the center of the third eye. It rotated and turned into a pyramid briefly. And there were small fleets of angled lines or triangles that were crossing my vision.

Day 3: Rode bike to session.

Lo Ban Pai training. Thirty minutes continuously spent on White Crane. Gravity work on the five lines, and the energy pumping down from the top/head/sky and up from the feet/earth.

Bodywork: Way more intense than that first day. At one point, the colored energy waves I was seeing moved from the left side of my vision to the right side as Lujan moved from my left side to my right side. The colored energy changed from green and blue to orange and red as he passed the top of my head, then went back to vivid green and blues when he got to my right side.

On the bike ride back after, I had a lot of energy and sang out as I rode with cold blue skies above and warm sun on my body. I noticed I was very hungry even though it was 4.15, and I had a big lunch at noon. Odd. There must have been a lot of energy released and consumed.

Sleep: I awoke with a very hot torso and opened my sleeping bag, then re-closed my eyes and waited. Then, the silver crystal circular hallway emerged. I focused my sight upon it and studied it. There were silver crystalline long narrow panels that lined the inside of the hallway.

Then instantly, at the end of the hallway, bright, finite colors like a prism were moving about. As I watched, flower petals took form, and the flower was saturated in vivid rainbow brightness. The third effect was the appearance of a multifaceted orb of muted golden and black hues that oscillated and caused itself and the rainbow petals to slowly rotate. The golden rainbow flower faded.

A bright yellow arc of golden lattices began to form in the center-right and slightly upper area of my third eye screen. Little pieces of golden rods were added to the lattice, and it grew slightly and remained delicate in nature. The lattice pieces were each very bright gold.

In the morning – I awoke and kept my eyes closed and waited and kept still…

Day 4: I was eager to share my three visions. Lujan was surprised/not surprised with the detail. He said the gold was Tibetan. He said it is very unusual to have a person see such colorful visions. He asked if I had any type of vision in my life. I have not. He said I have strong visual senses. Very aware.

Lo Ban Pai – no training today.

Bodywork: Astonishing. On the pause where Lujan’s hands were stopped and spread across my upper back, my spine ignited and pulsed energy waves to the left and right halves of my body. All of the energy stayed in the container of my body as it bounced around.

At some point, I realized I had left my body and was looking at my back from about two and a half feet above; then, the golden orb appeared between my shoulder blades. It oscillated for a short time, then began to slowly spin counterclockwise, and as it did so, it began to unfurl petals from its sides until a full, muted golden lotus flower rotated with the orb as its center.

I studied it in amazement and was crying from gratitude. But my tears filled my eyes but could not escape because I was face down on the table. At this point, I lost awareness of what Lujan was doing with the bodywork. I just kept looking at the rotating flower, and my heart began to feel crushed by the beauty of the mystery I was a part of. It faded slowly.

Soon thereafter, my spine ignited in golden brightness. From the base of my head to the bottom of my spine was pulsing and burning in bright gold and orange. It was hovering like a bar of gold right at the surface of my back. I watched in amazement that this was occurring.

Now, I was really crying tears that I could not shed. It was a weird sensation to be crying so much, and yet no tears escaped because of the position of my face on the table.
My upper arms were ninety degrees to my body, with the lower arms hanging straight down. Right after considering my non-escaping tears, the bones from elbow to elbow ignited.

Then in an instance, I was seeing a golden blazing cross on my back. I watched in quiet as it pulsed there, and then it settled on my back and began to embed within my back. It burned brightly for a bit longer, then was gone.

Next, an entire tree appeared on my back. It had a short and fat trunk and a thousand branches. The trunk was golden, and each of the thousand branches was delicate and made of bright gold. The background was all black. There I watched, mesmerized by the golden tree backlit with black light. The tree of time.

During the face-up portion of the bodywork, I could not focus on the work Lujan was doing because my being was in a sense, overwhelmed and couldn’t really absorb more intensity.

We shared the experience on the couch, and I cried some but mostly just smiled in amazement for the gift and love I had received.

Day 5: I took the day off. Thankfully. My cup was full from days one to four. I drove, feeling the sun on my arms and singing and crying.

Since being home, I have shared some of the extraordinary events of our time together with a few comrades who share a devotion to life and its mystery. Each person had the same inquiry – how has the experience affected or changed you?

I could not answer their inquiry aside from saying it will play out as it should over time.

Lujan, the work we did together allowed me to discover a part of me that is ancient. The significance and meaning of the power that we came upon awes me. The symbols and energy that erupted in my body were beautiful in a way that penetrated all of my beingness. The remembrance of that experience draws warmth and power to my heart and tears to my face.

I cannot speak to what may become from these revelations. I dare not. Instead, I will use devotion to life and my life, allowing my power to unfold.
Our two selves meeting in that precious exchange is ineffable. I love you. And I thank you for the treasures you led me to.

Thank you for the gift you bring to the world.

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