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Testimonial: Online Spiritual Guidance Classes

The first group chat I participated in back in 2022 was in reference to Lujan’s book, The Power of Emptiness. I signed up for two more group sessions, of which one occurred yesterday. This group chat was about the moral imperative.

If I remember correctly, he told us to put the best of ourselves or our true nature of ourselves on our altar of self-perception. This is a lengthy subject that intertwines with everything in our lives. To be true to oneself and as one does so, they reveal their true nature towards others.

I wrote upon a notebook the essence of my true nature of self-perception upon my alter without thought. I wrote “kindness and humor.”

During the chat, I often found myself in laughter while I listened to Lujan’s perception, with recognition of understanding the deep intricacies of what he was unveiling to us.

My kindness was unveiled for others to see as tears fell from my eyes while feeling the words and energy of another as she spoke.

My tears were a result of an awareness of feeling the beauty that resided within the person as she expressed herself. A beauty that she is inherently aware of and yet unknown to or unseen by all in her family and friendship circles. An inner beauty that she desires to express but has no way to do so, as others do not see or support her beauty.

In other words, her altar is a place of barren lands beseeching the element of water to bring forth her beauty into the world. A conundrum that we all, as humans, face on some level, and as such, her tears became my tears.

Lujan noticed my tears and said, “You’re a loving person. I cry a lot, too.”

I said, “I feel her and allow my body to respond in an appropriate way through expression.”

I had one question that came to mind prior to the group chat.

“How does one see without looking?”

Lujan said right away, “You lack confidence in what you are seeing.”

He continued, “Seeing and looking are not the same thing…. Seeing involves awareness of several little experiences, culminating into a large pool of awareness. Looking is simply doing.” This is paraphrased and may not be exactly true in its full essence of what he was saying.

One thing he said gave me a different perception of how to be in the presence of others within the present time. “Always meet people as if you never met them before. Having no memory of what happened in the past with that person. Do not burden others with what you think of them. Also, being who we are meant to be rather than being who we think we are.”

Someone asked about purpose in our lives.

Lujan responded by saying, “Our purpose in life is to discover who we truly are.”

This was a reminder to myself that kindness is my essence and purpose of life, revealing the nurturing essence of the masculine. Several people have expressed their appreciation of my kindness when I have written my short stories of life experiences. Thus, people have observed my kindness, and thus, the world receives my gifts of life through the words and actions of my being.

The hard part is that some people do not want my kindness or to be a witness of such, as it may reveal a knowing of the lack of kindness that they extend to the world: a most painful realization that is met with fear.

However, as I have traversed the pathways of knowledge or rather perception, I no longer care of people’s reaction to my kindness. I simply convey my kindness to all I meet. A lot simpler that way.

Over several days, weeks, and months after witnessing Lujan Matus during his online group chats, there has been a joy that I have not experienced for several years. This joy is not a fleeting gesture but rather a deep recognition that I am more than I know. There is now a deeper desire than in the past to know myself.

What does it mean to know oneself?

In my experience, every being of greater spiritual knowledge than myself has reiterated the need to know oneself. However, I have never heard of the way to do so. Generalities are spoken, techniques of self-knowing have been espoused, and yet when I am given the gift of seeing within these people, I realize that they do not know themselves. They may know themselves better than I know myself, but nonetheless, they have not achieved the joy of self-knowing. I presume this is so because their self-knowing is a mindful and emotional endeavor rather than a heartfelt one.

Since my participation in the group sessions, there has been a realignment of something within my being. It feels like an energetic realignment giving rise to deeper self-knowing. This knowing has no words nor emotion but rather a very deep feeling of who I am. With the essence of feeling, there is a deep sorrow of my soul crying out to embrace who I am while in a world that does not want me to do so.

A deep well of sorrow is felt, and when I have the courage, I laugh in the presence of the folly of that sorrow because I already know who I am. What has occurred is that I have lost the connection to my inner knowing and, thus my sorrow.

I have been blessed with the presence of a humble master named Lujan Matus in my life, and it has made a difference in my being that I cannot convey in words. I am hopeful that Lo Ban Pai will help me to reconnect to the joy of knowing who I am.


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