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This is the first in a series of five interviews encapsulating varying philosophies that exist within Lujan's book - The Power of Emptiness.

In this new thought-provoking YouTube series exploring The Power of Emptiness, Angel Samadhi, the 2023 Parallel Perception scholarship winner, engages in a captivating interview with Lujan Matus. The series aims to delve into the profound concepts presented in Lujan’s book of the same name. In these interviews, Lujan shares his unique insights and experiences on the transformative power of emptiness.

The first installment of this enlightening series introduces viewers to the fundamental principles of emptiness as a foundation for understanding the world and oneself. Lujan elucidates the concept of emptiness as not a mere absence but a state of profound potential and openness. He explores how embracing emptiness can lead to a deeper connection with one’s authentic self and the greater universal consciousness.

Lujan emphasizes that emptiness is not a void to be feared but rather a gateway to limitless possibilities and inner growth.
Throughout the interview, Lujan and Angel engage in thought-provoking dialogue, exploring various aspects of emptiness and its practical applications in everyday life. They discuss the importance of letting go of attachments and preconceived notions, allowing space for new insights and perceptions.

Lujan shares personal anecdotes and practical exercises to help viewers cultivate a deeper understanding of emptiness and integrate its transformative power into their own spiritual journeys. This series promises to be a profound exploration of the fundamental principles of emptiness and their potential to unlock new realms of consciousness and personal growth.

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