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True Recapitulation Reflections: Gleaned from Awakening the Third Eye and The Power of Emptiness; by Lujan Matus
I Was an Aspiring Toltec Dream Warrior

Like many who find Lujan’s works, I traversed the path of well-known Toltec writings. That led me to try the art of lucid dreaming (the Toltec second attention) in the hopes that I would find a better way to create my current life and to learn how to die so that I could maintain consciousness after leaving this body so as to continue my spiritual growth without the great forgetting from one life to the next.

I was seeking a way to open my third eye and gain a more thorough understanding of recapitulation as a living light review so that my heart would be as light as a feather upon my night journey through the bardo. WOW!

I found Awakening the Third Eye. I was preparing to implement some of the exercises and ran into some internal resistance. So I shelved some things and did a true deep dive into all the Audible books written by Lujan. Two of the books I have listened to twice–all others needed many more reflections and dissections (each hearing brings new and wonderful insights).

My mind started categorizing each insight into the simple offering by Lujan about how to process the multifaceted information packets offered in real-time when our third eye is awakened, and we observe dynamic, controlled folly. All we have to do is to ‘see, realize and release’ – that is true recapitulation.

‘See~Realize~Release’ is to
‘Being~Knowing~Not Doing’ as…

Lujan speaks of momentary and fleeting impressions from which we must glean wisdom and understanding to know what to do or not do in each moment. This third attention allows us to have present-moment wisdom from the dictums of eternity, according to our capacity to focus (see) and understand (realize).

As I was preparing for the exercises that would help me SEE on a cellular level, the possibility excited me. However, I found internal resistance to one exercise, in particular, dealing with the swastika. Lujan said we sometimes hold a fixed position, attitude, opinion, or certainty that may block our awareness.

While I learned that in Bali and many other nations, the swastika has a revered symbolism, my cultural and generational indoctrination saw the perverted use since the 1930s as a major block. Then I found that its earliest uses date back to 10,000 BCE. Steven Heller started a quest to reclaim and redeem this sacred symbol. Why is this relevant?

Carl Jung explains in his book, Man and His Symbols, how generational, genetic, and cultural understandings of symbols shape our local and/or universal understandings of the vast layers of knowledge conveyed by a symbol. Lujan speaks of the concentrated meanings transferred in fleeting, intuitive, or precognitive impressions/omens as single petals of the 1,000-petal lotus flower in our crown chakra. The packets of information/impressions can be viewed as symbols.

When I researched the awesomeness of this powerful symbol and its multicultural uses, I was able to release the block to my understanding of the powerful relevance of that exercise. My revisitings are helping me understand, envision and momentarily feel the expansion, contraction, and spinning of the construct that models our spherical net-like container. Integration:

SEE the symbol/impression/omen so as to receive the influx of information streams (remembering the ears can see and the body perceives information on a cellular level);

REALIZE the importance of one’s universal being in that moment–in light of all eternity, interdimensional and simultaneous lives, and their many facets; then

RELEASE the gleaned wisdom through right action.

The Art of Lo Ban Pai: The Missing Piece

As I listen to various books again and again, I see how certain experiences in Lujan’s or his apprentice’s lives may have contributed to learning how to see or how to realize. However, I am still missing a lot of insight on the RELEASE aspect.

It could be that we are just so addicted to suffering that we have a hard time letting things go, turning off our internal dialogue, intending not to dream, or preventing our ability to take other steps necessary to facilitate release. Or… could it be that there are physical aspects of our being that store blocks to a total release.

I want to experience the initiations and transmissions that are only available in person. I want to feel my chakras spinning under my skin due to the alignment from learning the physical movements that will facilitate a more total-person integration. I know Lo Ban Pai will help deepen the cellular awareness my soul craves. I know it will help lift the veils of repression, which will allow for a fuller knowing of that which influences me (and how I influence those in my proximity).

I want to connect with like-beings who also want to know how all this wonderful self-work will help us learn how to nurture and serve humanity. I know that the full initiations and integrations will allow the better cultivation of personal integrity to ease the moment-to-moment awareness and choices based on indications from our heart center.

I pray my presence and ongoing apprenticeship will serve all those who overlap and intertwine with my etheric net in the ‘all future-all present-all past’ connectivity of all that is. Learning the art of Lo Ban Pai is my soul’s bidding.

I look forward to seeing you there or sharing my experiences with you.


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