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For a long time, I have been hiding in plain sight.

A bit about my journey – The recent online Windlock System class helps me to put down my invisibility cloak that I have been clinging to like a security blanket.

Like most people around me, I have been cruising through life with the thief and ghost as my ever-constant companions. Oftentimes, embracing them like a long lost lover for desperate fear of identity loss should the thief and ghost desert me.

It feels like a push-pull, like a tide, coming in and going out, thinking that I am a wave, trying to be big or trying to be small, trying to be still or trying to be bold. All this ‘trying’ makes me forget I am Oceanic.

More than a decade ago, a lovely dear friend handed me his own copy of the book – The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception. It was the book’s 10th Anniversary, and I was lucky to witness it going through a celebratory re-edit on the Parallel Perception online forum.

Through the forum, I learned about the community of Lujan’s students around the world and his lifestyle with Mizpah. Looking back, it was then that I had begun to expose the various aspects of my being and some of my tumultuous, secret metaphysical experiences. I became interested in the pleasantry of union and communion that Lujan’s students described.

I loved reviewing with a fine tooth comb The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception and riding the waves of realizations which came from interacting with Lujan, his books, students, and community. In Lujan’s body of work, there was something profoundly essential I recognized and resonated with, as it kept unlocking my many wounds.

Since then, through my searching, Parallel Perception has been my constant island home of safety in a sea of diverse influences – always anchoring me, always bringing me back to the most complete and strongest sense of reality.

Over the years, as each new book emerged, I diligently devoured each offering with fervor, allowing the wisdom to wash over me. Every time, I promised myself that one day – I would meet Lujan and study Lo Ban Pai. This was my aspiration.

Finding the books on Audible shifted something significant for me with the ability to passively listen deeply – over and over again. Focussing and re-focussing on passages which seemed beyond me. Also, connecting with some of the most profound learnings on the YouTube channel, the combined awareness of the viewers and editors makes the content feel strong compared to reading or listening solo.

When The Power of Emptiness was released – it was like Lujan had, all of a sudden, turned on all the lights. It was then that the darkness dawned on me. I saw many of my shadows scurrying away or dissolving with each pass at the content of the book, and someone began to solidify inside me – a version of self who had always been there.

All of my Parallel Perception dreams came alive when Lujan started doing Zoom classes during the global pandemic. Until then, I had only shared a few basic Skype experiences with Lujan, so gradually, with each online class, Lo Ban Pai had finally arrived as a practice in my physical life experience.

It took me twelve years to discover and accept a deep and complete trust in Lujan as my Teacher in answer to my prayers. Someone who is walking the planet here now – living and breathing as I do, meeting these times we are in – offering a renewed wisdom pathway and practice that I can completely embrace and absorb.

Learning with Lujan, I find more fully who I am, and I learn progressively to let go of who I am not.

Inheriting the burdens and blessings of First Nations traditions, actualities, and Ancestries – it can be difficult to carry some of what I carry and have it make sense in modern life and societies. Lujan helps make this manageable, easier to live, and a loving joy to experience.

I love the energy and power I begin to generate – to evolve, transform, synthesize, and share. To realize what can help and release what can harm. I await whatever rises on the horizon with a smiling ease – that previously I had long forgotten – how to gently hear my own heart sing.

In 2022, our underwater Volcano and Tsunami was the largest atmospheric explosion ever recorded in human history. Only erupting every thousand years, its’ ash plume extended high up into the stratosphere, cooling the planet and sound waves re-wrapping the Earth for many days. So arrived my time to stop hiding.

Lujan helps to reveal my truest self with my aspiration to keep practicing and continue learning Lo Ban Pai. May we all realize being our most beautiful, loving selves.

‘Ofa lahi atu (Much love to you),

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