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Lujan Matus is offering a new group online program starting on May 6th.

The online spiritual guidance program is ideal for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the comprehensive challenges of living in the modern world. Lujan can help you increase your awareness by providing practical keys that can help you unlock your full potential for personal growth and spiritual transformation.

The next online group program is scheduled for May 6th and May 20th, 2023, at 12pm MST,  and will consist of two sessions that are approximately two hours long each. During these Saturday classes, Lujan will guide students and answer direct questions.

The online programs are the ideal solution if you’re unable to attend in-person private tuition or group workshops. This format allows students to easily access Lujan’s teachings from their homes without the additional expenses involved in traveling to Sedona.

One of the main benefits of the Online Group Spiritual Guidance Program is the opportunity to experience the teachings introduced in Lujan’s books in a more intimate setting. You will become part of a loving and supportive community of like-minded spiritual seekers where you can explore questions related to spiritual growth and individual challenges.

Since Lujan works with living energy in his sessions, each class has a distinct emphasis and atmosphere. As a result, many students love returning to these sessions repeatedly, as they invariably discover something new and gain valuable insights.

If you are interested in participating in the upcoming program, register below to secure your spot and take advantage of this opportunity to connect with Lujan and his teachings.

We are now accepting registrations for the group Online Spiritual Guidance program in March 2023.

Please register via the link below: