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I discovered the Parallel Perception website a few months ago by accident. I felt drawn to it enough to want to know more. To that end, I chose to read the book Whisperings of the Dragon.

I had read Carlos Castaneda’s books years ago and visited sacred sites in Mexico with other shamans. I practiced shamanism in a casual way, almost losing touch with it from time to time despite my need for it in my life.

After reading Whisperings of the Dragon, I followed instructions from the book; listening to my silent breathing, moving my awareness inside my body, feeling my body systems, then to my heart, and then the black void behind it. From within the void, I heard a voice call my name as I was leaving.

I like listening to my silent breath and do it every day. I find it relaxing and calming. I can feel your presence too. I feel that this is what I have been looking for. My focus has deepened in a short space of time. Because of Parallel Perception and associated practices, I feel I can do something tangible to help myself to lead a better life.

I enrolled in a Parallel Perception Online Spiritual Guidance Course in January 2023 so that I could see you first.

This am, up early, I sat for an hour listening to my silent breathing.  Moving my awareness into the body, then heart then the black void. Moving down to include all my body, hands resting on my thighs and feeling the throbbing throughout my body.

In the blackness of the void, I saw a face appear, definitely a man. His eyes were a very pale blue. As I looked up, I saw a gleam in his eyes accompanied by a mischievous look on his face.  I interpreted this animated facial expression to be saying to me, “ do you get it?”.   The face of a wolf appeared, came, and went.

I got up from the chair, washed and dressed, returned to the same chair as it was still early to wake the household. I sat very relaxed, feeling light when I ‘saw’ both of my eyes with a river of ribbon-like tapes flowing out of them, ‘telling’ my life story and arranging my life for me. I never realized until then.

That my eyes behaved in such an authoritarian manner, I still do not think that I have grasped fully the implications of this. It seemed like this was my eyes’ main function.

Meeting you in this way, website, book, seminar in such a short time, and experiencing the above is inspiring.

I would like to experience more, align myself with my true purpose, to know how to guide myself wisely. And usefully through life. I feel drawn to the physical exercises with spirals as I appreciate the benefits of years of practicing chen style Tai Chi.

Apologies for any misprints, and thank you for listening.


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