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Testimonial: White Crane Training with Lujan Matus

I have just returned from a two-week group training with Lujan Matus in Sedona, Arizona. During this period, Lujan introduced us to the Lo Ban Pai White Crane form, which, he notes, is considered a very close-quarter, elbow-fighting format and not the same as other White Crane Long Fist applications.

Lujan said it’s very similar to Praying Mantis because of its squeezed close-quarter spiraling elbows, and there are many crossovers. Learning Lujan’s entire White Crane form takes eight full weeks. The second part of this system is an old Tibetan application, which is so revered that it is very rarely taught. From what I’ve seen so far, the entire form is very technical within its intricacies.

Lujan informed us that in the past, he has been reluctant to reveal this practice, which was held back for teachers only, but now he has decided to disclose it to students who have mastered the proceeding levels.

During these intensive two weeks, we learned, among other things, how to load and release the body and connect and unify the five hidden lines to the mother source of our dantien. This changed everything concerning my previous practices.

We also learned the intricacies of posture and how this can connect us to spirit, and how to cultivate Peng, the floating energy, a vacuous component of the eight intrinsic powers, which is produced by opening the dantien and closing the Ming Men, then closing the dantien and opening Ming Men.

This activates seven cascading magnetic fields located in the lower abdomen, which eventually causes the dantien to pulse as if a heartbeat is situated within the center of it. I have not yet learned how to make the dantien pulsate like this, and I am looking forward to getting to that stage.

Lujan showed us how the dantien can transfer its power within the long channels of his arms and demonstrated how it pulsates in between his hands and how it looks as if he’s holding a pulsing heart.

At this point, we noticed a white mist appearing in between his palms. Lujan said this phenomenon results from the unification of photons cooperating with the practitioner’s attention. He said this brings about a cosmic entanglement that will cause advanced species from distant galaxies to notice the advancement of one’s potential, a very rare subject about which he spoke briefly. The white mist is what Lujan will require his future teachers to produce.

Returning to the subject of Peng, this is one of the most potent energies within the eight elements. Lujan says without it, the other seven will not be internally operational. These are the energies hidden in all the forms of Lo Ban Pai. During this time, Lujan showed us how to make the body float using Pung as the primary vehicle of transformation.

Lujan informed us these eight intrinsic energies accumulate and become more subtle as one progresses in life. He also told us he has discovered more than these eight, which are different, not known in other internal systems, and are embedded within the White Crane form. These intrinsic energies can be used for seeing and can become perceptual vehicles of growth as long as one adheres to the path of pure devotion.

One of the magical experiences we encountered in Lujan’s office was watching him demonstrate the power of Jin, a word used to define the expression of the eight intrinsic powers hidden within the body and generated through the Lo Ban Pai system.

Using little to no physical force, the other students and I watched as Lujan caused more than one of us to lose balance completely and get tossed across the room. One student said it felt like he was swirling as if caught in a whirlwind, while the other foot felt as if it was slipping on wet ice.

But the remarkable demonstration of Jin, which we witnessed, is only part of the story. Simply entering Lujan’s office is an experience in and of itself, for it is a powerfully sealed space. Through Lujan’s being and carefully chosen artifacts, the room becomes a perceptual field allowing students to change profoundly within their evolutionary process.

Being in Lujan’s office is not unlike going into a temple and spending time with a Tülku, a reborn lama. Years ago, in a Tibetan center in the Canary Islands, Lujan was identified as a Tülku, and because of this, he was the first Westerner permitted to teach in that center.

What I’m trying to say is there is a sacredness to the space in which Lujan teaches, which reflects the sacredness exemplified in Lujan Matus. Studying with him in this consecrated space is a gift beyond measure.

Lujan is a teacher of teachers, and this becomes clear as soon as one is confronted with his strength, focus, and commitment. Beyond this, concerning who or what he is, I cannot say, not because I don’t wish to, but because I don’t know.

There is his love, of course, an expansive kind of love that knows no boundaries. Still, there is a firmness as well, a firmness that adheres absolutely to the law of the universe, a determination that cannot be shaken no matter what the circumstances.

Through and within Lujan’s unshakable commitment to himself and his students, we could locate our central lines, the center from which all things flow. The central line is not part of the intrinsic power of Jin but is an alignment of one’s perceptual focus and allows you not to alter from the pure personality you are meant to express in life.

Each of us left the room with his or her own personal sense of renewal, a feeling of having found our center, our true North, our axis Mundi, a feeling of completion and a sense of renewed resolve, of knowing how to behave, how to take the next steps forward into our lives, into our unshakable Love, into our true beingness.

The law is so simple: Adhere to the Godhead and hold fast to your fellow human beings. Yet the struggle within this life often feels so overwhelming. The obstacles, pain, confusion, disappointment, and sorrow can so easily engulf us and, if we’re not careful, can crush the sovereign spirit within that we are meant to become.

To counteract these emotions, we must strengthen body, mind, and spirit. Lo Ban Pai has the capacity to do this and more, and White Crane is the central jewel of this dynamic system. It is a beautiful form, the power of which surpasses my understanding, but as I go through the movements, I feel its potential and can already witness its power in my life.

Lujan teaches that each of us has one type of energy that must be followed with devotion. This is a distinct process individualized within each personality and difficult to discover unless we are immersed in it. It is not unlike being absorbed in a deep state of divinity that unifies us yet shows us the individual path we must follow and adhere to with utmost devotion.

Lujan has the energy and capacity to allow each student to realize his or her divine pathway, which must then be placed upon what he calls the altar of one’s perception. Devotion to the necessary action required to walk the path of life is of utmost importance and a blend of Karma and Bhakti yogas, which also requires unattachment to the outcome of one’s actions. This is meticulously described in the Bhagavad Gita, which Lujan asked us to listen to in order to apply these inherent truths within the Lo Ban Pai system.

During the first few days of class, as I listened to the Bhagavad Gita and was introduced to the basics of Karma yoga, the yoga of action, and Bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion, my heart was opened to this path, though I see now I still retained much resistance to the teachings.

As the days went on, Lujan began to focus on these resistances, and as he spoke to me with that firmness for which he is known, I was forced to look deeper and deeper within. He compelled me to recognize the lies I tell myself about myself.

As I twisted away from the truths he was revealing, I realized I no longer had anywhere to hide. The truth of who I am, especially my emotional dependencies, was laid bare in that room, and it was one of the most painful processes I have ever been through. The walls I throw up, the masks I wear, the darker side of me I so adamantly try to hide—these were revealed as Lujan doggedly questioned my belief system concerning who I think I am.

And the most difficult truth I had to face was that by hiding from others, I hurt those around me, those I profess to love. I doubt very much that I would have found a place that felt like my inner core had it not been for Lujan’s persistence.

This is but one example of what Lujan Matus does, of who he is. He has the ability to see through people. He sees inside you. Then, through his rare blend of humor, intelligence, absolute Love, dedication, devotion, and authority, he allows those around him to rise to their best selves. Because he understands his own unlimited transformational potential, he is endowed with the power to transform those around him. His is a rare gift.

So I ask you to take heart upon your path and know there is an individual in the world who can open these doors of perception to reveal the gateways that make known the self and its place in the wider world. Know that you are strong, and there are those who are prepared to help, to show the way, as difficult as it can be. Lujan Matus is one of those individuals and, I believe, one of the most high.

In all its terrible, astonishing, breathtaking, shattering beauty and perplexity, life is to be cherished. I only wish I had the words to help you feel this, to move you beyond your beliefs. I can only leave you with the knowledge that you are enough, and there are those who exist to lift you, and Lujan is here in our time and is a gift beyond value to be honored and revered.

Christ tells us that three things last forever: Faith, Hope, and Love, and the greatest of these, he said, is Love, which is experienced within profound devotion to one’s path.

Lujan Matus embodies this devotion and lives it in every moment of his existence, manifested most intensely in his relationship with his wife, Mizpah. The Love and devotion between these two exquisite beings is a wonder to behold.

Through his truth, experience, and wisdom, Lujan offers his remarkable knowledge and sacred grace to others. It has been an incredible gift and my good fortune to meet with and learn from this extraordinary human being.

I wish you the same.


We are currently accepting registrations for small group training with Lujan Matus in Lo Ban Pai in Sedona, Arizona, as well as online. These courses are for five days each and involve a maximum of four students in-person or six students online to allow for individualized tuition. Upcoming availability is as follows:

February 20th-24th – The Gravity Series (ONLINE)

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April 3rd-7th – Awakening the Energy Body (SEDONA)

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